Monday, 29 January 2018

A (Stinking) Hot Australian Summer

I was initially going to do the summer tag for a blog post.  But when I was typing out the questions, the first question was "are you a summer person?" and I think a firm no right from the start woulnd't be the most positive start so no summer tag for todays post!

Still we are still going to be rambling on about summer because as the title says, A (Stinking) Hot Australian Summer, it's stinking hot, it's sticky, I feel like I'm melting physically and mentally and I am SO ready for the cooler seasons!  Autumn baby through and through!

The weekend just gone was a blur if I'm honest.  And before anyone thinks "oh had a big one yeah?"  N O P E.  The heat ah I disliked it so much.  My body was melting.  My brain was melting, pretty sure the house was melting, just melting all over the place.

I had a lengthy hair chop at the end of last year and my hair is just at my shoulders now but that won't stop me from complaining how long my hair is and hot hot I am because I've got hair touching my neck!

We've had temperature in the 30 and inside it's been worse and people with aircon or a house which has proper ventilation, DO NOT COMPLAIN.  I understand that other places in Australia were getting insanely stupid temperatures of 40, but boy I am not coping.

Again, autumn baby.  Get me in the colder seasons now.

Last night was horrendous.  Went to bed tired and had adjusted to the heat and the minute I lay down and was still it was like the heat just went up a few.  And so we had Emma still wide awake after 2am being sour about the heat and not being able to sleep.  I woke up this morning in the worst mood currently of 2018 and have glared and mumbled words to the sun if it gets through the clouds.

It is cloudy today and still sticky and we've had the smallest amount of rain and there has been the nicest cool breeze and I am here for it!  I don't want to move from where I'm currently sitting because I easily have the best spot in the house for comfort right now!

If there has been any positives from this annoying heat, it's been that I have been drinking so much more water and making a conscious effort to do so.  Water is my best chum right now!

And also frozen bananas.  Ah they are so good.  Yes normal banana is yum but leave a peeled banana in the fridge then chop it up and it's so refreshing

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Most Rewarding Week

*adds another dollar for me mentioning that I play clarinet on this blog*

I started to play the clarinet when I was in primary school.  I'm well out of primary school now and still tooting away on my faithful, plastic clarient.

If you were to have told me all those years back that I would be tutoring primary school aged kids how to play the clarinet I would have given you a blank stare and maybe a raised eyebrow or two.  But here I am, coming off a week where I was a tutor in what has to be one of the most rewarding weeks.

I have been tutoring for a few years now and it is hectic, fun, stressful, rewarding, but just something I feel so lucky to be able to do.  I never anticipated that I'd be tutoring the little musicians but it would have to be one of things I love the most about playing the clarinet.

When I was learning how to play clarinet, I abdolutely adored and looked up to my first tutor.  She was funky, had short hair and would switch up the colour, she was young, she was so kind and I don't think if it hadn't been for her, I may not be still playing the clarinet.  Basically I owe Katrina loads.

I've had other people help me along the way and they've all been people who I look up to, whether they're tutors, conductors, composers, people I've sat next to, they've all been a source of inspiration for me.

I never in my wildest dreams pictured myself being the person that someone would look up to in music.  I've been principal clarinet for a while now and yeah to a point people look up to me but they also make it clear that they want my spot haha but at this summer school, I really got the sense that my little group of clarinets looked up to me.

And it was so odd.

It's a feeling I have no clue how to describe.

I knew a few of the clarinets I'd be working with but I was starting from a clean slate with the rest.  And it just went so well.  My little group of clarinets were absolute legends.

You make connections with them all, know how to approach situations to suite everyone, know how to calm everyone down and stop the chatter (they are a blessing compared to the older kids!).  They'd ask questions, try their hardest, listen and watch when I was showing them new note fingerings, ask more questions, help out others in the room, show positivity and encouragement - they were just amazing.

As fun as it was, I was pooped by the end of the day but turning up the next morning to smiling faces and hugs and "Emma, I can play this note now!" made it all worth it.  I met the families of the clarinets that I tutored and to tell them how their child had gone and grown over the week was just so heart warming.

Competitions and concerts, sitting on principal chair, getting medals and applause, nothing compares to the feeling of seeing your students grow and seeing how proud of themselves they are.

I sat in with the clarinets for the end of week concert and their smiles at the end when they'd finished playing through all their pieces.  Ah man, the warmth in my heart!  It reminded me of when I was first playing clarinet and my first concert I ever did.

Rewarding.  Just so rewarding.

Tutoring would have to be hands down my absolute favourite part of playing a musical instrument.

It can be challenging at times, stern Emma comes out, but all the negatives are outweighed by the positives.  You see your students grow, learn new things, make friends, have fun and nothing compares to that.

Even the stinking hot weather couldn't dampen my spirits from tutoring!

I hope I'll be able to continue tutoring in the future in some way or another.

Like I have said a few times, so incredibly rewarding.

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 22 January 2018

Easy Like Monday Morning

You know when you have a hectic as week then the weekend is just a tired blur then Monday rolls around and you're going "right it's Monday, right"...?  Well that was me this morning and today has just been an easy going day.  Especially an easy going Monday morning, a very easy going morning haha!

Last week, I hit the ground running and was an instrumental tutor at a music summer school and boy by Tuesday afternoon I was wrecked!  I'd get home and get into comfy clothes, lie down, get up for tea, housework, lie down again, have a shower, go to bed.

It was such a busy and intense week but I would be so eager to do it all over again!  Didn't think I'd hear those words but it was such a rewarding week and there is nothing better than seeing your students enjoy music, learn new notes and pieces of music and essentially just have a fun week!

But with a busy week, I crashed on Saturday then pushed through on Sunday to hang out with two of my music faves and then we get to Monday and I'm half awake but half out of it and we just had to have an easy Monday morning.  The heat isn't helping me be alert, I feel like physically I'm melting and my brain is also melting and I am counting down the days to Autumn because this heat my goodness!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 15 January 2018

Ramblings On A Gloomy Day

As I am typing it is a bit of a gloomy old Saturday.

Grey skies, cloudly, rain, thunder, lightening, tee shirt, Bonds trackies, comfortable but not fashionable slippers, propped up pillows and a little bit of Tame Impala.

Look at me go listening to something different!!

I recently was in Hobart, spending time with some of my friends and it was hot and sunny and there was sunshine and warmth and more sun and it was your typical Australian summer!  There was even a pool in the home we were staying in and I don't think I have smiled so much in my life!  Definitely a water baby through and through and I want to start swimming again.

And now I'm home typing away, creating a blog post which probably won't have any rhyme or reason to it.

I have a busy week ahead of me, one which I'm looking forward to yet am a bit anxious about.  I'm going to be a tutor at a music summer school and it was something I wasn't planning on doing but as I have nothing else planned for the week, I'd much rather take the opportunity to do this instead of sitting at home.

2017 was my last year of playing clarinet within the Symphonic Band I used to be in but I said I was always open to the option of me tutoring as it is one of the most rewarding aspects of music.  It also makes me realise that I doubt I'll ever be a teacher but for the intense week that this week will be, I am looking forward to it!

I know I'm going to be absolutely buggered when I get back each day and will definitely been in Granny Emma phase going to bed early and just getting all of the zzz's!!

I will be publishing a post about my little trip down to Hobart.  I'm not anticipating on it being a huge post and originally wanted to have a little video to go with it but I clearly am not a videographer yet and so that idea will have to wait for another time.

Speaking of videos...  I am making one where I get a seconds worth of footage from each day and then making them into monthly videos.  I did this for the duration of my design course and wanted to do a monthly thing in 2018.  Not sure if they'll make it to YouTube or here but we'll see what happens at the end/start of each month!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Year That Was 2017

This week has been one for the years.

The New Year:  What I Hope To Achieve In 2018 on Monday, A Little Look At The Music I Loved In 2017 on Wednesday and today we're throwing it back to 2017 again.  But this time we're going into more depth, but hopefully not so much but more than just music this time!

So get comfy, grab a drink and some nibbles if you want

2017 was a year where for the first time I had no intention of studying.  I went from primary school to high school to college to university and graduated and that was that.  It was weird not having to enrol again, not having clean my desk space, laptop, computer and phone ready for the new learning year.  I was free to do whatever.

I had said towards the end of my degree in 2016 that I was going to take the gap year I never had in 2017.  No I wasn't going to be able to travel the world, ah how nice that would have been but money says otherwise!

When you're at university, you love when you can be at home.  Studies get difficult and consuming and days off from that are bliss and you make the most of them.  I was looking forward to spending time at home and doing absolutely nothing.  I'd be doing housework and that because that's what you do in a family household but there would be no studying, not stress over assignments.  And I was so keen for this.

Well.  Did that get old.  And did that get old F A S T!  I think maybe a fortnight into my gap year when everyone went back to work, I started to get bored.  Housework would be all done before lunchtime and it left me with an afternoon free to do whatever I pleased.  Sims, YouTube, blogs, it was great.  But it got so old and I didn't say this to anyone because I didn't want to hear the "I told you so"...

I will say that the free time, was amazing for my blog and my creativity.  For the first half of the year I was so happy with the content I was producing, I was sticking to a schedule and even more so I was happy that I wasn't doing nothing.  My blog gave me something to do and while nothing went viral or crazy like that I was loving life creating content for my blog!

Sure I had a bit of a hiatus for a good portion of the year but we'll get to that soon...

I was able to go down to Hobart twice this year and had a blast!  Many of my close music friends moved down to study and it has been so strange not seeing them on a weekly basis!  But it was so nice to go down south, crash a rival bands rehearsal, hang out with some of my favourites, eat some insanely good food and see some cool sights!  Keen for another Hobart trip very soon :) :) :)

Job hunting in 2017 was fun.  Not.  Ugh it was such a roller coaster and I"m still going to keep positive about it all because positivity is better than negativity!  Granted it does suck and you're allowed to cry when you get the worst cold in years and then get a call that you didn't get the job.

A few times before the second half of the year started, the topic of studying would pop up in conversation.  Going back to UTAS to do Honours next years, or going to another state to study a Masters of Interior Architecture.  Doing the Bachelor Degree again but this time do Architecture, do a business course, go to the Conservatorium of Music and study Music, study to become a teacher.  So many ideas were being thrown about but design was what I wanted to do in some way or another.  So I went to an information session on a design course and the rest is history.

The second half of 2017 was my change in the same direction.  It annoyed people but I thrived and enjoyed every minute of it!  I was able to be creative again, push myself creatively, meet new people, and I also wouldn't be at home all the time so bonus all round!  This year I will be studying a Diploma of Graphic Design and I can't express how excited I am for this.  If I am able I would love to show you what I am creating like I did while I was at university!

When I was back studying it was a good test of how I'd go with the schedule I was sticking with.  I do want to give myself some credit, because usually I have been so bad with schedules and consistency but not this time!  Sure there were some blips and then a major one but we are going to focus on the good!

And then something called a Scratch Disk happened.  I had never heard of this before and freaked because I couldn't use Photoshop on my laptop and let the stress go to my head.  The course I was doing was my number one priority and my blog came after that so when I was able to get my laptop and computer situation sorted, my blog drifted to the side as I was not using the schools computers and not my laptop.  It was weird and looking back on it now I just needed to clear space on my laptop and things would have been great but my head made it a bigger issue than what it was!  I am rolling my eyes at my past self, I can assure you.

In my hiatus from blogging, I did go back into blogger and have a look around and read blogs but never had the urge to start posting again.  In my drafts I have three posts, that are waiting for photos and to be posted and I haven't done any of this.  Two of the posts you will probably see some time later this year but I think I have well and truly missed the Instagram Diary & Monthly Roundup post!  It wasn't that I didn't love blogging, my heart just wasn't all there to start up again and so I put everything to the course that I was doing.

Do I regret stopping blogging during 2017?  Yeah sure I do in some instances.  It is the longest period that I've been away from my blog but on the other hand I was able to absolutely go head first into my course and for that, I can live with my lil hiatus.

Is this sounding dramatic?  Probably hahah moving on!

Music.  This happened again.  2017 was an interesting year for music.

Initially I wasn't going to be returning to the music program that I play with but ended up coming back to try and finish a university course.  The year was full of broken reeds, squeaks, laughs, the greatest people, wonderful music, sadly no university course but what can you do?!  Nationals at Easter was an experience and a half and still to this day I don't know how our performance didn't come to a crashing halt.

For a long time, I have known that my time within the music program was coming to an end.  I was ignoring this was goodness knows how long but 2017 was a good indicator that it was time to call it my last year as a player in the program and retire.  I knew this wouldn't go down well with everyone for a whole range of reasons but it was one of those decisions I had to make for me and not take it to heart what everyone was saying.  A good time for life experience music was this year!

All in all 2017 was another year of ups and downs.  I don't think anyone will ever have a year full of positivity, I just don't think it's possible and I also don't think I'd want to have a year which is all sunshine and roses.  The drama with music was a crappy time but was something I needed to do for me.  ME.  I am being selfish how dare me!

Anyway, that was a little bit of my 2017.  I'll look back on it fondly but I am all about 2018 now!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx 

PS!  Come and say hello!!! :) x