Friday, 25 July 2014

A Warm Drink is The Best

Hi there!

It's Friday currently as I am typing (TGIF!!) and winter is absolutely here!

Yesterday I definitely felt it while making my way to uni with Alannah who I am so glad to call one of my closest friends! :) We met in first year of university, and even though we had all the same classes, we only first spoke during a drawing class later in the week and have been friends ever since!! :)

We treated ourselves to a warm beverage in town and honestly went to the first warm drink selling shop that we walked by which was open!  I had a hot chocolate, while Alannah had a cappuccino.  I had originally planned on having a juice while we were in town but it was WAY too cold to have one of those!!


Now on the subject of Alannah, she has recently started her very own blog which you can check out here at :) I am really looking forward to seeing what she posts!  Also can we appreciate the little segue I just did there? Whoop whoop!

So I hope everyone is all doing well! Also before you go and read another blog, what other blogs do you read/follow?  Many of the blogs I read are from people on YouTube and then bloggers who they then feature on their blogs.  I love reading blogs and find they are a great source for inspiration!

Thank you for reading, until next time :)

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