Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hello there!

It is Saturday!!! Yippeeeee! Day after Friday, first day of the weekend, day before Sunday! YAY!

Now that I am back for another semester at university, I do now recognise the week and then the weekend.  When I'm on holidays, I feel like those months are just a massive stretch of days and the everyday gets all muddled together!  I end up getting so confused as to what day it is so I am kind of glad I will be having a bit more structure in the week!

Today I have been slowly going through slides from a history lecture.  History has always been my favourite unit while I've been at university with experimental textiles coming a close second!

This semester, this unit is nothing like what we've been taught before!  Usually we delve into the styles and periods of architecture, the theories and notable people who have shaped everything design concerned to what it is today.... But this isn't what we're doing for a large chunk of this semester!! We're looking into law (yes law and I was terrified and excited when I saw this), also professional studies and then at the end of the semester we're looking into critical theories!! 

But yes, today I have been looking through the slides again just so I can have a solid understanding of all the terms and what they all mean and how they all fit in with the scheme of things!

Usually whenever I am studying I have music playing.  Whether there are lyrics in the song or it is just instrumental, I always have music playing.  Today, I went to Spotify for some help to find some music which was targeted at concentration and came across this playlist.

Recommend this playlist to anyone!

Keep calm and focus.  This playlist has some great, atmospheric rock to help you relax and concentrate. (Description of the playlist in Spotify!)

I have been listening to this playlist for about seven hours now and do quite like it!  Before eating lunch and while I was going through lecture slides this was super helpful and I didn't find myself getting distracted at all.  However after I had lunch and went back to study, I was a tad tired and the combination of that and the calming music meant an impromptu nap was in order!

Feeling somewhat refreshed, I didn't go straight back to studying and opted to go somewhere other than my bedroom as I had been there majority of the day.  I ended up making myself a cup of tea (and may have accidentally on purpose dropped my biscuit in there......) and read some design magazines.

And can we also appreciate what you can see of my mug.  A Winnie the Pooh mug is the best choice of mug sometimes!

Now hours later, I am back in my room and working on drawing up a building on my laptop!  I'm not that confident with the program I am using but I know with practice and determination, asking for help, and not giving up I will (finally) master it!

If anyone reading this has any other ways which they find help them whenever studying feel free to comment!  Would be greatly appreciated and also interesting to see how everyone tackles the fun task that is studying! :)

Until next time :) :)


  1. try listening to your work out playlist, it helps me study at peak times :)

    1. I always end up dancing when I listen to that one hahahaha


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