Monday, 14 July 2014

Semseter 2

Right.  Semester 2 is officially happening.  This is where you insert cheering and people looking excited.     Aaaaaand it didn't happen.

All my time while being at university, I never find myself excited to go back and this semester is no different.  Nearly every time a semester finishes, I find myself wanting to quit or as I'll say strategically exiting, and either change degrees and do something different, defer, get a job or just do something which does not involve interior design and learning.

I love interior design, it's something that I will always love and have a passion for but right at this moment learning about it, and university as a whole is just not gelling with me.

You always hear people say that the years they were at university were the best years of their life.  I disagree.  First year at university was my favourite.  In semester 2 of first year, we did get a glimpse of how unpredictable it can be.  Unpredictable meaning how 'clients' will change their mind a week before an assignment is due.

The main aspect I have absolutely loved about university is the people I have met.  And I know you're meant to go back to university to want to learn (which I have), but there are people there who have been one of the main reasons why I did go back.  Two girls in particular who I absolutely love and am grateful to call them both close friends! :) :) :)

Either way, semester 2 has started.  Gosh, I sound so enthused haha!

Anyways, byeeeeeee :)

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