Friday, 4 July 2014

Watercolour Journal!

Hey there!

Over the years, I have bought quite a few (okay more than a few.....) notebooks and sketch books with cute covers which caught my eye and of course needed to be purchased.  Many of them just end up sitting in my room and a few get used for university, so it's about time that I started to use ones which get neglected.

Watercolour is something which has always interested me.  So what better way to make use of an empty journal than do some watercolours!  Now I know you're meant to do watercolour on specific paper, which I do have, but I wanted to be an artistic rebel.  The colours will come out differently, but I still think you can produce nice pieces from using ordinary paper.

Here is my little journal.  It's A6 and I probably was going to use it for university but knowing me, it got lost in my room along the way!  Also some basic watercolour pencils I picked up last year, a few brushes, a random pacer pencil I found, a pack of different thickness black pens, and then just a small sheet which I sometimes use to test out colour combinations before "creating my masterpiece" !!

Last year for my Interior Design Studio unit, I thought instead of doing interior perspectives on the computer, I would have a go at watercolour.  Long story short, the perspectives I did were no way good enough for my assessments, so I ended up sticking to computer rendering.  However, for a history unit I did this year, I did use watercolour for my perspectives and was SO happy with the results.

So when semester break rolled around I decided everyday I would do a watercolour of some sort.  They would be whatever I thought of in my head and really for my personal benefit; to improve my skills!  For a week or so, I haven't been able to do anything because I've been sick and I do not think it would be smart to try and do a watercolour in my bed!

I'm not in anyway an artist and am still doing quite basic stuff in this little book but have found it very enjoyable and relaxing!  I really want to start doing little scenes around were I live and also look into more abstract watercolour techniques.

(Oh look at the fancy iPhone Slow Shutter effects!)

Until next time!  :)

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