Thursday, 7 August 2014

Little Confession

Just going to get right into this.

I have a confession to make.  

I never really used vending machines before I got to university.  I get quite nervous over little things, and with vending machines I would always think something would go wrong and people would see and it would be awkward so my solution was to never use them!  Also on the rare occasion I would use one and press the code for the item I'd like, a lot of the time I wouldn't get what I payed for and would always find myself looking at onion flavoured chips instead of salt and vinegar chips.

But since going to university I 'raid the vending machine'...  I don't buy everything, it's just something I would say whenever I went to buy something and would come back with a soft drink and maybe a packet of chips.  Seems harmless, spending a little over $5 on food and drink but over time the dollars add up!  Also, the temptation of having a takeaway store within a short walk also doesn't help in the money department!  Hot chips, calamari rings, fish sticks, and then the cold drinks section!  It's convenience food really and over time like with the vending machine the money would add up.

So when I started this semester, I said to myself that I wouldn't buy anything from the vending machine or takeaway store unless it was a bottle of water or a salad sandwich.  And even then, why buy a bottle of water when I have an extensive collection of drink bottles I have at home!?  Same goes for the sandwich as well!!

This is where I have my little confession.  For the first three weeks of university I didn't buy anything from the vending machine and haven't stepped into the takeaway shop (insert cheering!!!).  However, since using vending machines I was rediscovered my love for M&M's.  And I may or may not have bought a packet of M&M's on a few occasions.

I know it's not a massive thing but for me, I was going so well and M&M's WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TASTE SO GOOD!?!?!?!!  M&M's are the food of my people... Long story hahaha :)

Such concentration...  

Today I had planned on having the ground floor done but that didn't happen :(  I hate and also find it funny , hilarious even, how something so simple as placing spaces on a plan can be so difficult!  I have two rooms left to place (a library and lecture theatre) but it just feels like I'm plonking them there with no reason behind it and I will NOT hand that in!  Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be all sorted tomorrow and I can transfer it all onto ArchiCAD ready to show my tutor next week!

Master planning is SO much fun!  But that was a fun bit of my day for you!!

Until next time, keep smiling! :) :)

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