Saturday, 30 August 2014

Little Paper Lane


I am a massive lover of stationery.  Whenever Sprinkleofglitter uploads a stationery haul onto her channel  I am right there!  Whenever I go onto town and visit a shop, if there is any form of stationery it's like a magnet and once again I am right there.  And most times will leave having purchased as essential piece to add to my collection....  Seriously, you can never have enough items in the stationery department!

Jayde, who I wish to hug and thank her for this amazing place!!!

I can't remember where I discovered this place, it must have been instagram or twitter but boy am I glad I did!  It is the sweetest little shop I have ever seen and I've never set foot in there.  I have, however spent many hours doing a spot in internet window shopping!

Little Paper Lane can be found in Mona Vale, Sydney and along with the other places I'd love to visit when I travel to Sydney, Little Paper Lane is where, I bet you anything, I will spend all of my money!  It has the cutest pieces and the window displays are AMAZING!  The creativity is just awesome and I wish shops where I live would step up their game!!

You can find their website here, and feel free to be like me where I spend hours looking at everything and wishing that I bought stuff over the internet!!!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :) xx


  1. This shop looks adorable! I am also a massive fan of stationary, shops like this always inspire me to print and make my own wrapping paper x

    1. I would be broke if I ever shopped there hahaha I love your blog by the way! xx

  2. oh why Thank you for the lovely post! Thats so kind.

    1. That's alright! Can't wait to pop in one day! :) xx


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