Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mocha IceStorm = YUM!

Afternoon everyone!! (or whatever part of the day applies to you) :D

Today I had a quick trip into town to meet my friend Alannah and spend some time in the library to have a look at some law books for our history assignment.  Hashtag thrilling.

Me being the healthy (LOL) and nervous person I am, sped walked into town as I didn't want to be late.  Seven minutes later and with burning legs, I arrived at Hudsons, where Alannah and I decided to meet and we went inside to have a quick drink and bite to eat before we went to the library.

I absolutely adore mochas but it was way too hot to have a hot drink so I got a Mocha IceStorm.  I'd never had one before and oh my goodness is was amazing!  Essentially it's just frappe styled drink with mocha flavour, low fat milk and then finely crushed ice.  Probably not something you'd have everyday but boy o boy it was so good!

I got a small because I knew I wouldn't be able to finish anything larger.  Alannah got a pumpkin frittata of some description and then an iced latte.  Her frittata looks so delicious and I'm regretting not buying anything to eat!

Anyway that's all for today!  Was about to say that's all folks haha!

Hope you are all doing well!  Until next time, keep smiling!! :) :) :)

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