Friday, 1 August 2014

Oh hey there August!

Hey everyone!


2014 is just going by so quickly!!  First semester flew by and now I've just finished my third week back this semester and that has gone by so quickly!  This semester has been pretty good so far and looking into law for my history class has actually been quite enjoyable!  There is a massive amount of reading behind it and I am become the best of friends with the glossaries we've been given.  Yep we have more than one glossary, because two glossaries are better than one!

I'm looking forward to August!  I have some fun things to look forward to in my life (with the exception of assignments being due) and also have some new posts I'm excited to be sharing with you!  I'll be (hopefully, fingers crossed) doing some posts about interior design and little design things in general, dabbling with some beauty business (please don't get too excited about this, still not sure about it!) and also will be continuing with the travel posts I recently started so watch this space!

Anyway, until next time :) :)

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