Sunday, 10 August 2014

Thirty Three Cups


Yesterday, I had some music championships in Ulverstone (was quite thrilling) and once we had played and packed up our instruments, we had over an hour to spend before our bus was scheduled to leave.  Myself and three of the girls were STARVING!  I hadn't eaten since I had breakfast which was around 5.30am so food was definitely in order!

None of us had ever been to Ulverstone I don't think (I know I hadn't) so I didn't have a clue where to get food.  I knew there was a McDonalds in walking distance, from what we had been told, but I am trying to not eat any and also none of the other girls were willing to eat it haha!  However, and luckily Laura (one of the girls) had had some coffee at a little cafe earlier and suggested we go there if we couldn't find anywhere else.

That little cafe was Thirty Three Cups and I am so glad I got to sit down and have a warm drink and lunch here!

We sat outside and although it was a nippy day, we were near a patio heater which provided us with warmth!  We were also lucky, as the place was quite busy and just got a table for four!

Me being the mature young lady that I am ordered a hot chocolate and my goodness I have a new favourite cafe which sells hot chocolates!  I'm really picky when it comes to warm drinks and this was a 10/10 hot chocolate!

Also the spoons we were given were all different which I thought was cute!  I loved mine!

Food wise I ordered the warm ham hock salad with pulled oiled bread, fennel and baby cornichons (spell check is saying I should write unicorn here.....), served with a Tasmanian mustard emulsion.  While we waited and sipped on our warm drinks it was nice to catch up with everyone and be away from the noise of the championships.  I also hadn't seen Laura in quite a long time so I loved being able to spend time with her before she had to leave again!

I didn't know what to expect when our food arrived.  I always in my head try to imagine what the dish would look like and long story short I was way off with my imagination haha not very imaginative when it comes to food!

Tasted absolutely delicious!  And being perfectly honest I had never head of what ham hock was before but so glad I ordered what I did!  Good food, good drink and good company are always a winner :)  I would gladly go back here and definitely try the desserts they had on offer!  We were so tempted to stay for longer and try them but we were full and didn't want to be late for the bus!!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :)


  1. I know one of the chefs there, she is amazing, glad you enjoyed it. If i had known you were in Ulverstone on Sunday, i would have come and watched cause i was up that way that day :)

    1. Whole atmosphere and food was AMAZING there!! We were there on Saturday too.. Super busy day!

  2. Thirty Three Cups what a cute name. Wonder how they came about calling it that?


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