Sunday, 28 September 2014

Studio Inspiration


I don't know about anyone else but I go in Pinterest a little bit.  Okay maybe more.  I am a frequent user of this wonderful website!

I remember stumbling across it one maybe two years ago when I was looking up outfit ideas and fell in love!  And now, along with with finding outfit inspiration, I often go there to look for ideas for the assignments I am given in my studio class.  And I thought I might share with you some of the pins that are giving me ideas!

I think with everything I design at university it incorporates timber in some fashion and I always try to make the space feel natural and for everyone who would go into it to feel comfortable!  No one likes walking into a space and you just get that awkward feeling!  Even if that's what the architect wanted....  I want people to feel comfortable!  Wait that's a lie.  Last year I made a cube where it was a padded cell and I wanted to make everyone feel uncomfortable... In my defense everyone else had these cheerful ideas and I didn't want to follow the crowd so yup!  But moving on!

We're doing an adaptive re-use of the building we actually study in and so I want to respect the building with all it's former uses but also add a new life to it!  For the assignment we have to design a commercial kitchen/restaurant for Stephanie Alexander and when I think Stephanie Alexander I don't think marble and fancy materials which are shipped half across the world.  Natural materials, warmth, comfort and family is what I think of.  And food!  Oh my goodness her banana muffins are DELICIOUS!

I've also never been a fan of solid walls.  I will use them when they are needed, because you know toilets are a solid wall place but I saw with the first image you don't need a solid wall to define a space and I am going to try and include a simple non-intrusive framework into a section of my public dining.  There is a void right above it and instead of it being on large expanse of space, just frame it a little!

I'm pretty chuffed with how everything is panning out so far.  I'm not the best with ArchiCAD and will have to dabble with Photoshop very soon to do perspectives but I'm keeping a positive attitude about it all!  It's all a learning experience!

Until next time, keep on smiling!!! :) :) xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Travel Dream #5 - Yosemite National Park

Hey there!

I realise that I haven't posted a travel dream lately.... So today I present you with.......


Now I will admit I had never heard of this park until I played a piece of music called Yosemite Autumn a good few years back..  I have to say it is truly one of my favourite pieces I have ever played in my life!!  And one piece that I will continue to play even when I'm old and my fingers aren't working like they are today hahaha

So from when we were given that piece and when I got home from rehearsal I looked up Yosemite National Park and was just wowed but how stunning it was!   I love nature and being outside (although not a fan of bees ahha) and I don't know whether I would be able to but I would just love to visit this beautiful place and just down in some place quiet and play Yosemite Autumn.

Even now as I'm typing this I'm listening to Yosemite Aututm!  If you want to hear it you can listen to it here!  Let me know what you think of the piece if you do listen to it!  Have you ever listened to a song which reminds you of a specific place you've been to?   I'd love to know!

Once again sorry for the lack of posts!!

Until next time, keep smiling!! :) :) :)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Block Glasshouse - Favourite Kitchen Alert!!!

Heeeeeeey! Long time no blog see?!

I really am sorry for not having any posts recently!  Please forgive me!! Life and university and not having a stable internet connection has taken place over writing up blog posts but I'm going to take a wee break from my assignments for a little bit!

So in a recent post, I said that I had seen my favourite kitchen ever revealed on The Block.  The Block is a television series in Australia and it's currently The Block Glasshouse and I am loving it so far!  Not so much the drama (reminds me too much of my life at the moment haha) but the room reveals!  I find it a great source of inspiration, I see what I like and don't like and I also discover new designers which I highly doubt I would have ever discovered!  It also makes me SUPER jealous of all the little shops which are in Melbourne!

BUT to my favourite kitchen reveal!

Click here to see more of the other kitchens from the reveal!!

So I love timber.  So much that last year I did a unit called "Timber, It's Origins and Characteristics".....  I call that dedication haha! So when I first glanced at this kitchen I immediately fell in love!  Chris and Jenna you are AMAZING!

You always hear the whole kitchen is the heart of the home and for me I feel when someone buys this home to be this will definitely be the heart of the home.  It's warm, not offensive, has class and style and is timeless like the judges said on the reveal.

I love the combination of timber and the black island bench, and those pendant lighting above the island!!!  Feel free pendant lighting to make yourself comfortable in my future!! But on second thought looking at the price......... Man why do these things have to be so expensive!!!

The glass splash back I LOVE!!  In my dream kitchen I'm torn between having glass, pressed tin or including a chalkboard but a mirrored splash back is winning so far!  And can we take a moment to fully appreciate that butlers pantry?!??!  I am going to be envious of whoever ends up living here!  I wonder if I bribe Chris and Jenna with cookies and food they'll just give the apartment to me!!

Also if you click here you can get a 360 tour of the kitchen!  Copper sink.  Seriously how many people own a copper sink?

I've always loved watching The Block but doubt I'd ever apply to be on it!  I always think that studying interior design, it could make or break my career and also I bet you anything viewers would say I'd have an unfair advantage!  And it would be awkward if the judges didn't agree with the design.....  Also I don't think I have the right personality and I'm not a morning person so the poor camera person would have a great time with me!

What type of kitchen would you have as your dream kitchen?  I'd love to know!  If you check out the other kitchens from reveal let me know which one was your favourite!!! :)

Until next time, keep on smiling :) :) xxx

Monday, 8 September 2014

Reasons To Exercise

Hey there!!

So exercise.  Something we should all do but not all of us do..  And I'm one of those people who are in the category where they don't exercise.  Opps.

Since leaving high school and college and being at university the amount of physical activity I do has decreased.  At high school, I would swim once a week after school in a club.  In grade 7, I was runner up for the girls in my year and for the three remaining years at high school I was the swimming champion for my year!  I also went to the inter-high swimming carnivals each year and placed pretty well considering the school that won the first and second place spots swam morning and afternoon every day!

Still in high school, during recess and lunch I would hang out at the soccer oval/field with my friends.  Soccer (or football, we call it soccer!) isn't my sport of choice and I was terrible!  But either way, I was running around and doing physical activity.

When I got to college, I had stopped swimming and also at college doing a sport class wasn't necessary so I did all 'academic' courses.  And even though there was a gym at my college, I did hang out there for a little while but rarely played any sport.

Also from going to college, there was food everywhere.  Less than five minutes walk and you'd be in a food court.  There was KFC, Subway, a pizza place, Chinese food and sushi and fish and chips and anything you could think of.  So what would I do, buy my lunch from these places often.  Also there was a little Mexican (I think) takeaway shop directly across the road from my college and where I sat, it was just so close and I bought way too many hot chips and also sweet chilli chicken wraps.  Not good.

And now that I'm at university, there isn't a unit offered in the School of Architecture about fitness so basically no exercise is done by Emma.  Also coffee and hot chocolates in the colder months have been a weakness of mine while at university so that hasn't helped anything.  And M&M's oh man.

I don't know how to describe how I look, I'd say I'm in the middle, I'm not 'skinny' and I'm not 'large' and I also don't want to offend anyone by saying large or skinny.  I am also tall and everything spreads itself out.  If that makes any sense hahah!

I've always looked like the type of person who is fit and who could go for a run and they'd be fine.  Well that ain't the case for me.  I went for a bike ride around where I live and I thought I'd be good.  Think the total ride was 4.5km and I felt like I was about to be sick.  And to be honest I was embarrassed and I felt like crying.  

There are lots of basic fitness activities that you'd expect a 21 year old be able to do but I can't.  I'm not going to go into detail but basically once in college this stupid thing went around that if you said 'mine' you'd have to do 10 pushup right where you were.  Well guess who didn't say 'mine' for a LONG time?  Me!!

When I say I want to do exercise and get fit it isn't to look great or have that bikini body ready for summer.  I want to do exercise for me, myself and I.  I want to be able to ride my bike around the place and not have to stop all the time!  I also want to do a proper pushup.  Simple as that.

I don't know where this post is going but I am making a darn effort to get fit.  I'm doing little things to start with.  Going on the exercise bike, running up and down the stairs, walking to university from town instead of catching the bus, just little things for the time being.  I'm also eating more foods which aren't as processed.  I love vegetables and fruit and seeing adds on tv for KFC and fast foods don't do anything for me.

If anyone has been in the same sort of situation please let me know!  And also any suggestions I'd be more than welcome to hear them!  Pretty please..... :)

Until next time, keep smiling :) :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Funny Bone Isn't Funny

Hiya!! :)

So it's Sunday evening, Fathers Day currently in Australia and sadly the end of mid-semester break for semester 2 this year :( waaaaah!  I am lucky though as I don't have any class until Tuesday so I'm going to stop complaining!

I was going to write up a blog post yesterday on what I'd been up to lately.  That didn't happen obviously haha I literally stared at my laptop screen for I don't know how long and typed nothing.  I did however smash my funny bone against a piece of furniture while I was putting a jumper on..  My word that hurt.  So much.  I may have let out a few juicy swear words, and then told my family that I wouldn't be apologizing for what I had said.  But I did end up apologizing and crying. A lot.

For uni I had this thing called The Happening which happened on Friday.  It was an activity for the my studio class at uni which is aimed to help us for our second assignment.  I had done this activity last year, but it was nothing compared to this year!! I don't want to go into heaps of detail with what happened in this post, but if anyone wants to know about it, just ask in the comments and I'll be more than happy to write about it!  I did cook some cracking vegetable kebabs and they were also voted as the best dish eaten so just saying haha

Mum and I also made some chocolate cupcakes and also a simple cake of some sort..  Can't remember but they both tasted DELISH!!!  I'm jealous of some of my friends where they can just go into the kitchen and make something whereas I need a recipe..  I think if I had my own kitchen and bought ingredients myself I'd dabble around more but I don't want to burn the house down hahaha!!

Last thing!  TUMBLR!  I know I'm so late to the party and am still going "ah what do I do" but some of the images that pop up in my dashboard are just amazing!  I love how I can find inspiration from these sites!  GO INTERNET!

 I've always dreamed of living in a terrace house, how cute!!!  Also, you can find me here!! If you want, you don't have to !!!

But, I'm off to have some tea and also watch The Block!  It's kitchen reveal on today and the standard is preeeeeety high!  No kidding as I am typing this, I have just seen my favourite kitchen EVER revealed on The Block!  And I because it's only being shown on the tv now there aren't any photos of it yet online!!! Timber and dark tops and copper it just classic and for me perfect!  I'll try and find a photo and probably include it in another post!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :) :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

September & Spring!

Hey everyone!!

September is here!?  Where is the year going?  Seriously, 2014 is flying by!  

Semester 2 finishes in mid October officially but there is an exam period after that.  I don't have exams thankfully with my degree but do have an assignment to submit and present during that time which will be fun!  And then I have a few months off before university starts in the new year!

But the best thing about it being September is that..... drum roll please...


I was outside bright and early this morning (9am is early and I may or may not have still been in my pjs...) and was just thinking that all the flowers will be out in force and the colour and smell they'll produce will be amazing!  Although I love flowers and nature and being outside, I'm not particularly a fan of bugs and bees and all that so I'll have a little problem whenever I want to go outside haha!
I'm looking forward to having warmer weather!  Even though I could star in a vampire movie with how tan I am, still looking forward to spending some time outside and not freeze!

I was also wondering, if there was a particular type of post anybody would like to see here?  Any suggestions within reason, feel free to throw them out there!

Anyway, until next time, keep smiling :) :)