Monday, 8 September 2014

Reasons To Exercise

Hey there!!

So exercise.  Something we should all do but not all of us do..  And I'm one of those people who are in the category where they don't exercise.  Opps.

Since leaving high school and college and being at university the amount of physical activity I do has decreased.  At high school, I would swim once a week after school in a club.  In grade 7, I was runner up for the girls in my year and for the three remaining years at high school I was the swimming champion for my year!  I also went to the inter-high swimming carnivals each year and placed pretty well considering the school that won the first and second place spots swam morning and afternoon every day!

Still in high school, during recess and lunch I would hang out at the soccer oval/field with my friends.  Soccer (or football, we call it soccer!) isn't my sport of choice and I was terrible!  But either way, I was running around and doing physical activity.

When I got to college, I had stopped swimming and also at college doing a sport class wasn't necessary so I did all 'academic' courses.  And even though there was a gym at my college, I did hang out there for a little while but rarely played any sport.

Also from going to college, there was food everywhere.  Less than five minutes walk and you'd be in a food court.  There was KFC, Subway, a pizza place, Chinese food and sushi and fish and chips and anything you could think of.  So what would I do, buy my lunch from these places often.  Also there was a little Mexican (I think) takeaway shop directly across the road from my college and where I sat, it was just so close and I bought way too many hot chips and also sweet chilli chicken wraps.  Not good.

And now that I'm at university, there isn't a unit offered in the School of Architecture about fitness so basically no exercise is done by Emma.  Also coffee and hot chocolates in the colder months have been a weakness of mine while at university so that hasn't helped anything.  And M&M's oh man.

I don't know how to describe how I look, I'd say I'm in the middle, I'm not 'skinny' and I'm not 'large' and I also don't want to offend anyone by saying large or skinny.  I am also tall and everything spreads itself out.  If that makes any sense hahah!

I've always looked like the type of person who is fit and who could go for a run and they'd be fine.  Well that ain't the case for me.  I went for a bike ride around where I live and I thought I'd be good.  Think the total ride was 4.5km and I felt like I was about to be sick.  And to be honest I was embarrassed and I felt like crying.  

There are lots of basic fitness activities that you'd expect a 21 year old be able to do but I can't.  I'm not going to go into detail but basically once in college this stupid thing went around that if you said 'mine' you'd have to do 10 pushup right where you were.  Well guess who didn't say 'mine' for a LONG time?  Me!!

When I say I want to do exercise and get fit it isn't to look great or have that bikini body ready for summer.  I want to do exercise for me, myself and I.  I want to be able to ride my bike around the place and not have to stop all the time!  I also want to do a proper pushup.  Simple as that.

I don't know where this post is going but I am making a darn effort to get fit.  I'm doing little things to start with.  Going on the exercise bike, running up and down the stairs, walking to university from town instead of catching the bus, just little things for the time being.  I'm also eating more foods which aren't as processed.  I love vegetables and fruit and seeing adds on tv for KFC and fast foods don't do anything for me.

If anyone has been in the same sort of situation please let me know!  And also any suggestions I'd be more than welcome to hear them!  Pretty please..... :)

Until next time, keep smiling :) :)


  1. I'm in the same situation too! Food everywhere - all unhealthy but so so good. I'm just lacking the will to keep going to the gym and really push myself - a more busy and scheduled life I think will help me - I keep putting it off because I'm got a lot of spare time!
    I'm trying to do what you are - using the steps, avoiding the bus etc.! I'm just trying to sya 'are you really hungry' instead of bored eating!
    Good luck!
    Great post! Just followed your blog on bloglovin, would love if you could check out my blog back!
    Keep in touch!

    1. I've been walking in the evening with my friend while I'm staying at her place so will definitely need to continue that when I get back home! I also spend waaaaaaay too much time on my laptop too haha!! Have been reading your blog, it's beautiful!! Thank you heaps :) xxx


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