Sunday, 28 September 2014

Studio Inspiration


I don't know about anyone else but I go in Pinterest a little bit.  Okay maybe more.  I am a frequent user of this wonderful website!

I remember stumbling across it one maybe two years ago when I was looking up outfit ideas and fell in love!  And now, along with with finding outfit inspiration, I often go there to look for ideas for the assignments I am given in my studio class.  And I thought I might share with you some of the pins that are giving me ideas!

I think with everything I design at university it incorporates timber in some fashion and I always try to make the space feel natural and for everyone who would go into it to feel comfortable!  No one likes walking into a space and you just get that awkward feeling!  Even if that's what the architect wanted....  I want people to feel comfortable!  Wait that's a lie.  Last year I made a cube where it was a padded cell and I wanted to make everyone feel uncomfortable... In my defense everyone else had these cheerful ideas and I didn't want to follow the crowd so yup!  But moving on!

We're doing an adaptive re-use of the building we actually study in and so I want to respect the building with all it's former uses but also add a new life to it!  For the assignment we have to design a commercial kitchen/restaurant for Stephanie Alexander and when I think Stephanie Alexander I don't think marble and fancy materials which are shipped half across the world.  Natural materials, warmth, comfort and family is what I think of.  And food!  Oh my goodness her banana muffins are DELICIOUS!

I've also never been a fan of solid walls.  I will use them when they are needed, because you know toilets are a solid wall place but I saw with the first image you don't need a solid wall to define a space and I am going to try and include a simple non-intrusive framework into a section of my public dining.  There is a void right above it and instead of it being on large expanse of space, just frame it a little!

I'm pretty chuffed with how everything is panning out so far.  I'm not the best with ArchiCAD and will have to dabble with Photoshop very soon to do perspectives but I'm keeping a positive attitude about it all!  It's all a learning experience!

Until next time, keep on smiling!!! :) :) xx

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