Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Block Glasshouse - Favourite Kitchen Alert!!!

Heeeeeeey! Long time no blog see?!

I really am sorry for not having any posts recently!  Please forgive me!! Life and university and not having a stable internet connection has taken place over writing up blog posts but I'm going to take a wee break from my assignments for a little bit!

So in a recent post, I said that I had seen my favourite kitchen ever revealed on The Block.  The Block is a television series in Australia and it's currently The Block Glasshouse and I am loving it so far!  Not so much the drama (reminds me too much of my life at the moment haha) but the room reveals!  I find it a great source of inspiration, I see what I like and don't like and I also discover new designers which I highly doubt I would have ever discovered!  It also makes me SUPER jealous of all the little shops which are in Melbourne!

BUT to my favourite kitchen reveal!

Click here to see more of the other kitchens from the reveal!!

So I love timber.  So much that last year I did a unit called "Timber, It's Origins and Characteristics".....  I call that dedication haha! So when I first glanced at this kitchen I immediately fell in love!  Chris and Jenna you are AMAZING!

You always hear the whole kitchen is the heart of the home and for me I feel when someone buys this home to be this will definitely be the heart of the home.  It's warm, not offensive, has class and style and is timeless like the judges said on the reveal.

I love the combination of timber and the black island bench, and those pendant lighting above the island!!!  Feel free pendant lighting to make yourself comfortable in my future!! But on second thought looking at the price......... Man why do these things have to be so expensive!!!

The glass splash back I LOVE!!  In my dream kitchen I'm torn between having glass, pressed tin or including a chalkboard but a mirrored splash back is winning so far!  And can we take a moment to fully appreciate that butlers pantry?!??!  I am going to be envious of whoever ends up living here!  I wonder if I bribe Chris and Jenna with cookies and food they'll just give the apartment to me!!

Also if you click here you can get a 360 tour of the kitchen!  Copper sink.  Seriously how many people own a copper sink?

I've always loved watching The Block but doubt I'd ever apply to be on it!  I always think that studying interior design, it could make or break my career and also I bet you anything viewers would say I'd have an unfair advantage!  And it would be awkward if the judges didn't agree with the design.....  Also I don't think I have the right personality and I'm not a morning person so the poor camera person would have a great time with me!

What type of kitchen would you have as your dream kitchen?  I'd love to know!  If you check out the other kitchens from reveal let me know which one was your favourite!!! :)

Until next time, keep on smiling :) :) xxx

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