Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hiya :)

So Zoella, also known as Zoe Sugg.  I have to say of all the people I look up to, she is right up there and I am so so so so so grateful of the day I found her YouTube and blog those few years back!  Watching her videos and reading her posts is something I look forward to doing each week and to be honest, there would be a sizable hole if she wasn't there.

I don't really know how to word this.  I've never met Zoe, and will most likely will never meet her but I am so proud of her.  From watching her very first videos and seeing how far she has come is just amazing!  I'm wanting to say she's blossomed but haha she is an amazing person in this world!  She's got a successful YouTube channel and blog, Zoella Beauty has been launched and she's got a book on the way!  I really wish I could just give her a hug or high five and say thanks and congratulations!

Within the past week, she uploaded a video titled 'Your Skin Doesn't Define You' and I thought it was beautiful.  She wasn't wearing any makeup and spoke of how she felt confident and didn't feel the need to wear makeup all the time.  And then suggested we all post selfies of us with no makeup with the hashtag #barefacedandwhat to twitter and instagram.

Today I thought why not?  And posted this :) facially naked and proud :)

I've never been the type of person who wears a lot of makeup.  I opt for the 'facially naked' look whenever I wear makeup hahaha!  My usual makeup when I leave the house to go to uni or into town consists of BB cream, a setting powder, mascara and maybe some lip balm if I feel like it and when I'm at home I wear no makeup at all.
I think it's important to feel comfortable in your own skin and I know this is easier said than done.  I'm slowly but surely becoming confident within my own skin and it feels SO GOOD!

Thanks for reading!!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :) :)

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x
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