Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stop and Breathe

So... Stop and Breathe....

So there are two reasons why I am writing this.  One, my mum is telling me to have a break from my assignments and two I do need to stop and breathe.

Let me fill you in a little!  I'm currently working my way through assignments and the due date is drawing closer and closer and as much as I'm trying not to show it on the outside, on the inside I am freaking out.  I don't want to mess up again, so I am pushing myself so much with an assignment and about five minutes ago, things started going wrong.

I have a love hate relationship with Archicad and currently we're hating each other.  I don't want to bore you with details but long story short I need my walls in plan view to be filled in black.  Seems simple enough.  So in the 'project map' as it's called in Archicad, all my walls are filled in black, however when I go to my 'layout view' guess what isn't filled in black?  Yep my walls.  I saw this was going to be a problem with Photoshop and had been trying to find a solution.  Asked Alannah, asked Google and YouTube but nothing worked.

So what did I do?  Got angry and very on the verge of tears.

So here I am taking my break and writing this to get rid of some tension I am currently feeling towards good old Archicad.  Good news, I have found a way around the problem of the walls not wanting to fill in.  Actually use a black fill and trace over all the walls I want to be filled.  It's going to be time consuming but with some good tunes (Harry Potter Soundtrack) and a clear mind I know I can get it done and I'll be back on track!

It's important to take a breather, very important.  You don't want to do something you'll regret (very nearly felt like throwing my laptop).  Get up, have a drink (of your choice...), have something to eat, walk around, do something that isn't what you're meant to be doing for a few moments.  Let go and just breathe and have a break!

I might have a little Pinterest session before I go back to Archicad.  I don't want to hate my assignments.  If that happens then it's just a downwards spiral and the quality of work I produce is not good.

Until next time, keep smiling! :) and breathe!! xxx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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