Monday, 3 November 2014

Hello November

I will be perfectly honest.  It is freaking me out that it is November.  Next month will be December, Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye, then the New Year will roll through and next thing you know people will be talking about it being 2015.

But for now, it's still November and I have just under a month til our final uni results are released... I have this nervous sick feeling constantly in my stomach.  Happens every semester and I hate it!  I have one class which I am not feeling overly confident with after receiving my grade for a specific assignment, so yeah fun nights ahead for me when I can't sleep and all that's in my mind is whether or not I'll pass!

However I am feeling sort of confident about my studio class.  I don't want to say that I'm fully confident because I don't want to get ahead of myself and wake up to find I've failed, if that makes sense.  The assignment was worth 65% and basically had a whole lot riding for it.  I had to present it just under a week ago and to say I was nervous was an understatement!  I was happy with my design, sure there were things that I would like to change now, but that is always going to happen with me.  What made me the most nervous was who I would be presenting in front of.  There would be the rest of the class, our tutor, another member of staff, a local restaurant owner (who has some amazing restaurants!) and what freaked me out the most an actual interior design from the state would be there.  I've spoken to a few designers over the course of my time at uni but never have I had to basically pitch one of my ides to them.

I didn't eat.  Didn't really want to throw up on anyone!  I also didn't want a repeat of the last time I presented an assignment for studio.  Got so nervous that I felt like fainting, so in the minutes leading up to my presentation I was giving myself a pep talk.  Was going along the lines of "come on Emma, you've got this.  Don't throw up, don't throw your model if things don't work out.  Just be yourself, say what you need to say and everything will be dandy,"...

Long story short, I somehow had the jurors laughing before I had even started the presentation!  Kirsty (one of the teaching staff) had asked whether I was ready to present and instead of saying a confident YES I opted for the "oh you know, no not really I feel like I'm about to be sick," to which she replies with "would you like half an hour or more?"  I asked for an extra 24 hours (cheeky) and she chuckled and I was introduced to the other jurors and I started talking!  Out of all the presentations I have done at uni this was definitely my favourite!  I was myself, somehow made the class laugh, and the jurors liked my design!  SIGH OF RELIEF FROM EMMA!!

I invested so much time in this assignment and I am so proud of it!  I know how to use ArchiCAD and my Photoshop skills are improving!  #emmaischuffed

And this is become a longer post that I intended!  And also doesn't have much to do with it being November... Opps!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Aw that picture is so pretty! my new lock screen :)

  2. Aww really! I used an app called A Beautiful Mess, it's pretty cool! Em xxx


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