Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas Day 9: Sims 3, Gloomy Day, and Hot Chocolate

Hey there :)

I slept in today...  Partly because I was semi still in my dream, which wasn't exactly pleasant (who wants to be chased by a huntsman?  NOT ME!) and also I was just so tired!

And so I slept in today, ate quite badly and celebrated a Gift Giving Party on the Sims 3... HELLO EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE DAY!  The fireplace I've got in a room in the game decided it would catch fire and destroy a bookshelf.  Twice.  In under a minute.  I'm just sitting there thinking "OKAY FIREPLACE I SEE YOU, NO NEED TO DESTROY THE PLACE I ONLY HAVE LIMITED SIMOLEONS!"  The dog I have, a puggle I think (is that even a dog breed?  Oh apparently it is, cross between a pug and a beagle) constantly thinks it's a great idea to guard it's food bowl.  No matter how much scolding, no Jess the puggle will guard the damn food.  And also chase the poor mailman and newspaper kids.  And it's winter, so a bit chilly and she thinks it's a fab idea to go for a swim.  NO DON'T GO SWIMMING!  WAIT TIL IT'S WARMER!  Then she shakes herself dry in such a spot where you have to move the furniture to be able to mop up the puddle.

Today has been quite gloomy though :( grey clouds don't do much to boost the mood although the rain did bring back good memories of running around the house when there was a thunderstorm... And i don't like storms but it was a very couple of minutes!

And now it's after 10pm (I haven't been on Sims all day btw).  I've had a yummy hot chocolate and I have been chucking for a little while over a photo!  The simple memory from this summer at the start of this year, I'll miss you crap loads when you leave Alannah :( :(

I don't know now whether to go to sleep or browse the interwebs.. I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift on YouTube.. Haven't really been a massive fan of hers but I'm undecided whether to get her newest album or not... What do you think?  Should I get the album?  Please help!!!

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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