Sunday, 11 January 2015

Intentions of 2015

I've never been the type of person so set a resolution, I like to set goals and well intentions of what I want to achieve in the coming year :)

Be more creative.
If you didn't know, I am studying Interior Design at university and this is probably the only time where I will be able to go crazy with a design (within reason)!  We don't have to deal with budgets at the moment, so why not be creative while I can!  It's highly unlikely that in the future I'll ever have briefs like what we are given so I need to make the most of it and push my boundaries in design!  I always like to produce a simple design initially, making sure everything works then I go into the creative aspect of everything!

Worry less about what others think.
There is no one else exactly like me in the world.  If someone doesn't like the music I'm listening to, ok then.  If someone doesn't like the top I've picked for the day, good for them.  I am all for constructive criticism (especially at university) but when people make negative comments towards me, I need to have those comments go in one ear and out the other.  I've always worried about what people think of me, and really I shouldn't have to!  I am my own self and if people can't accept that, well that's their problem and I don't have time for that.

Say yes more.
I am quite a shy person when you first meet me and because of this shyness I am very aprehensive about opportunities that come my way.  Now when I talk about saying yes more, I don't mean being pressured into doing something, I mean saying yes to opportunities which will shape me into a better me, if that makes sense.  For example, I have a week full of music in the coming week.  In past years I've just played clarinet, last year I got to be a tutor as well as play and this year I have been asked to do a spot of conducting.  I have never conducted a band before, but there aren't exactly many opportunities where I'll be able to do conducting so why not have a go?  Sure it might be a little embarrassing if and when I do something wrong but it's all a learning experience!

More exercise and respect my body.
I've never gone on a diet before or had my own exercise routine but I want to take better care of my body!  Walking instead of catching the bus to uni, going on walks or jogging when I have spare time at uni, crack out my speedo swimsuit and hit the pool!  I can see things happening with my body and while others will be like "no you don't need to do exercise" it's more about me being confident within my own skin.

I want to also take more care with what goes into my body!  No more soft drink and chocolate drinks everyday for me!  I also want to eat more vegetables and fruit everyday!  They sure taste better (minus peas) than processed foods!

Keep clutter away.
If there was an award for a person who couldn't maintain a tidy bedroom, I would win hands down!  Mum always says "clear bedroom, clear mind" and I usually think, well I don't do a lot of my uni work in my room and only sleep in there so that will be my excuse!  But no more!  I am going to make a conscious effort to keep my room clean and tidy.  I am also really good at keeping things that I don't actually need.  I'm seeing this a lot looking through all the stuff I've got in my room...  Not good!

What are your intentions for 2015?  Has anyone broken their New Year's resolution yet?

Until next time :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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