Monday, 5 January 2015

Simple Easy Lunch!

Well hello there 2015! 

When I was younger (you know and a few years ago), whenever an add for KFC or McDonalds or any fast food chain type food add popped up onto the telly, I would always without fail have a craving for the food.  Potato and gravy, nuggets, twisters, burgers, fries and chips... Yep I'd want it.  Nowadays, I see the adds and there is nothing and whenever I do eat it I always feel guilty afterwards and more often than not I'd feel sick.  Sore stomachs and other fun sick related feelings and I'd be telling myself I am never eating that again.  I rarely eat KCF or McDonalds now, one the money you pay and the food you get, it's not worth it and honestly there are so much better things I could be eating!  Now if there is a salad add on the tv or some type of healthy food, that is what I'll be craving!!

I'm on holidays from uni (still) and the hot weather finally decided to hit where I live.  From having a December which was essentially freezing for summer standards, the temperature was a hot 31 degrees Celsius and I know that's not hot hot, but for myself, that's hot!  And also my home is a sauna so fun times!  When it's really hot, you won't find me in the kitchen over a hot stove making food.  Oh no way!  Salads with cold veggies is what has been happening and it is delicious!

So a few days ago this was my lunch a few days ago!  It boring by salad standards I'll be honest, but sometimes the simple and boring foods taste the best!

Really simple as you can see!  There is no lettuce (we didn't have any in the fridge) but there is a few snow peas (the only pea I approve of haha), two button mushrooms, one tomatoes, a quarter of a cucumber, one baby carrot and two boiled egg.  I also added a little bit of salt for taste and it was delish!

Today I also had something very similar to my lunch the other day.  Was going to have a toasted cheese sandwich but opted for this instead!  Same veggies as before except there is no cucumber or boiled egg!  And I also put a little bit of dressing on it to I really want to say zing, or to add another dimension hahaha was a really nice addition and I definitely prefer it over having a little bit of mayonnaise!

When semester starts back up, I will definitely be making salads and other meals to eat when I'm at uni.  There is a microwave and fridge at uni so might as well make use of those and bring healthy foods to eat instead of getting hot chips and such from the takeaway shop over the road!

Until next time :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. That looks super yummy, I need food ideas for my new healthkick so thanks.

    Meme xx

  2. Wow, that looks so yummy. I'll will give it a go and take the salad with me to uni.
    Nice idea :)

    1. Tasted so good! You can add in or take out stuff to suit it to your tastes! Hope it goes well :) Em xx


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