Friday, 30 January 2015

The Glass Ceiling

There is a theory in Sociology called the Glass Ceiling Theory.  Without going all Sociology geek on you, the theory refers to an invisible barrier which prevents a person from achieving further success.  You can see this a lot in the work place and closer to home you can see it within friendship group.

You have that one friend who wants to be the best at everything and they'll do anything to always be the best, even if they're not.  Yes I do realise that I didn't do a very good dive back in grade 10 for the breaststroke race, but I didn't see you swimming, you 'critiqued' my swimming in every race I competed in.  That friend annoyingly might be your best friend, and although it won't seem obvious, the little things they say in a 'joking' manner really aren't jokes and they're just layering on the glass ceiling they're building over your head.  Those invisible barriers are placed above your head and sometimes you notice them   but other times you don't, and you're oblivious to what your 'friend' is doing.

But to the builder of the glass ceiling which was over my head for six odd years.  I went to university to study interior design and I had to take a class which taught us all about the structure of buildings.  One, that showed me how poorly you had built your glass ceiling and also as I got older (and wiser) I grew to see what you were doing.  And your glass ceiling collapsed.  I was blind because you were my best friend.  Who would except their best friend to actually want to do this to them?  Best friends are meant to be like sisters.  They're supposed to care and support each other.

For years I turned a blind eye to the snide comments you made towards but now I see them and I've broken through that glass ceiling and I've come out a better and stronger person.  It's sad that I now don't call you my best friend, or my friend for that matter, but in a weird way I honestly thank you for what you did for all those years.  And I'm also still taller than you (even when you wear heels) so you trying to be the bigger person, in more ways than one has backfired and still won't happen.

Word of advice.  Don't put a glass ceiling of your friends heads so you can get ahead of them, that isn't cool.  And for the people who have a glass ceiling over their head, try to break the ceiling, as hard as it may seem, and painful with the outcomes, it needs to be done.

Also I am not talking about breaking an actual glass ceiling.  That is dangerous and no one wants to end up in the emergency part of the hospital, so break that invisible glass barrier above your head, but don't touch the actual glass ceilings!

I don't know where this post came from quite frankly, but it's something I felt needed to be written.

Let me know what you think of the glass ceiling?  Have you experienced it before?  Comment away!

Until next time, keep smiling :) :)

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. What a word of advice// I always knew there was a figurative saying for the fears that build up and stop you from grabbing opportunities. Glad that you finally have broken through yours and figured who your real friends are!

    1. Aww thank you :) yeah kind of sucked that I've lost a friend in the process but when you think about it, she wasn't really a friend so yeah haha Em xx

  2. I love the way that you wrote this! I've had similar experiences where it's been a very one-sided friendship, and I was always doing everything I could to help them, but when it came to me it was never the same. I think it's much better to be alone than to be with people who make you feel lonely. I am glad that you've come out of the situation in a positive way, and hope the best for you from now on! I hope you find better people. Xx

    - Hira |

    1. When I was younger I was always the 'mother hen' friend and I'd always help them but never received it back in turn :/ thank you for your lovely comment though, and glad you liked the post!! :) Em xx

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