Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Inspiration/Vision Board

I've got a wonky cork board hanging up in my room and I think it is time I freshen it up. A lot of the images have been up there for a few years and sadly there are a few people I don't talk to anymore so time to change things up!

There are an abundance of quotes, some photographs I've taken myself, photos me of and friends (old and new) tiny piglet in red boots (this is essential for cuteness), also have some necklaces hanging there with my VIP lanyard I got from the Celtic Thunder Concert, and also two medals I won at music championships!  Only thing I don't like about my cork board is where it's placed in my bedroom, I wouldn't mind having it above my desk so now to have a brainstorming session about whether I can move some furniture around to make this work!  Power points are going to be my biggest problem because I've already measured the furniture up and it can all fit!  Electricity why do you have to cause problems!

I've been looking on Pinterest for some inspiration for my own Inspiration/Vision board!  These boards are personal things and I always love seeing what other people have done and that gives me little pops of inspiration on how I want to make my own!  Here are some of my favourite picks!

                                                credit                                                         credit
With these I love how the board is actually a bit of sturdy wire frame, and instead of pins a series of pegs and clips are used to hold everything in place.  This is a very minimal and stylish desk area and I love the single bit of lights down the left hand side, it's not over the top and compliments it's surroundings.

                                                credit                                                                                          credit
I feel like this first image was some sort of net, maybe a tennis net or even a wire gate?  I'm thinking wire gate but I just love how this looks, it's rustic and not perfect which is important!  And then using a photo frame with wire mesh behind to peg the photos too!  And also fairy lights, who can say no to fairy lights?
Again wire, but this time good old chicken wire with a simple white frame around the outside?  And I love how this is entirely dedicated to quotes and well words to live by!

                                                credit                                                                                           credit
I think these are pretty cool, using large photo frames to frame the space you want as your board.  The gold coloured frame I love, would love to find something similar to my room!  I also love in both photos how some of the photographs and print outs are hanging, like they're on a clothes line.  I think that is a nice little touch to make your board that little but different!

                                               credit                                                                                             credit
I love how the first image follows a cohesive colour scheme, pale colours, pastel, blues and pinks!  Looks very cute!  And I think the next image is a good idea of photographs and other drawings which are right there to spark this little idea!  There is an article from The Everygirl where this image led too and I am in love with the space Erika Brechtel has set up, little bit of envy from me!

                                                credit                                                                                         credit
And last but not least!  I love the sheer size of the board in the first image, I could go crazy if I got to work with!  Now the second image isn't really a cork board but I love the wall colour and how the photos and graphics are stuck onto the wall with brightly coloured tape!  And that lamp.  I need that lamp in my life!!

So these are just some of the amazing images I found when looking for some inspiration for my person Inspiration/Vision Board.  I want my board to be something which inspires me both in my personal life and also with university.

Do you have an Inspiration or Vision Board?  Can't wait to set my own up and show you all!

Hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are in the world, until next time :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I absolutely adore the wire idea! looks stunning!
    Great inspiration as I am also thinking about creating a vision board.

    Nicole x

    1. They are probably my favourite ones! Love how they looked! Hope your vision board goes well :) Em xx

    2. Thankyou! I cant wait to see yours when its finished! x

  2. Hey Emma! I have nominated you for a Leibster Award. Read what to do here! Love your post ! xx

    1. Aww thank you heaps! I'll try to have the post up soon! :) Em xx

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    1. Oh wow thank you!! Means a lot :) Em xx

  5. I'm absolutely loving these boards! Thanks for the inspirations!


    1. They're beautiful! Can't wait for mine to be finished :) Em xx


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