Monday, 19 January 2015

The Struggle of Cleaning

I fail with spectacular colour when it comes to cleaning my room!  I'm the type of person who will look through EVERYTHING and ends up making more mess than what I was working with before!  Helpful I know.  And I also can't pull this excuse haha ;)

Here are a few things I've learned over the years when it comes to tidying any room!

Pop some music on. 
I personally get more work done with music on but I've found you have to be careful with what I put on otherwise I'll be having a dance party in my room!  I'm really loving McBusted right now..  Have been loving their music for a while now!!

Don't expect to get it done in one go.
Depending on the state on what you have to clean, sometimes it might be physically impossible to get everything done in the one go.  Work in sections and set goals for those areas and only when they're done will I move on to another area!

Be in the right headspace.
For me cleaning my room isn't great fun and I always tend to look at everything in my room instead of actually cleaning.  Make sure you're in the right frame of mind when you're cleaning so you are more productive and don't make it harder for yourself like I do haha!

Be honest with yourself.
With clothing, I do the whole "if I haven't worn this in over a year and won't wear it, I'll give it away".  You can if you hang your clothes up in a wardrobe or closet, put the hangers around to how you'd normally put them in and when you're going through you're clothes and see you haven't touched many items of clothing be honest with yourself and ask yourself whether you will actually wear this again.  Yes there will be sentimental clothing, but that white long sleeved top with the small purple butterflies hasn't been worn in a few years and clearly hasn't come in handy to time for it to go to a new home!

Everyone loves a good old list!  Write a list of what you want to achieve and you can tick everything off as you go!  Make as many lists as you need to, to help you get everything done.  You can separate them into categories of all the places you need to clean, what needs to be done, you you need to achieve a clean space!

Take breaks.
Now I love breaks.. And I'll be honest, I always take a break and never go back to cleaning.  This is bad!  Have a snack, something to drink, stretch your legs but always go back to finish what you've started!

Have all products close by. 
There is nothing worse than cleaning, seeing you need the vacuum cleaner (to get rid of a spider.... or vacuum the floor duh) and then you turn to use it and it's in another room.  I like to have everything I need in close proximity to where I'm working.  I'll have the vacuum cleaner, duster, clothes and other cleaning products close at hand because if I leave to get the vacuum cleaner, I'll see the fridge or telly or newspaper and wey hey it's an hour later and I haven't used the good old vacuum cleaner!

I now have to deal with a spider which think it's cool to come into my personal space so wish me luck haha!

Until next time :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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