Sunday, 1 February 2015

And It's February!

If anyone pinches or punches me, don't.....  It's February!  You know how everyone says to start the month with a bang..?  Well I decided that I would start, well end, the first day of the month with burning my finger on the hot plate on the stove.  Cannot believe I had gone nearly 22 years of my life without burning myself from the oven and today, yep thought touching the hot plate to see if it was hot was such a smart decision!  NOT!  


I'm honestly not surprised that February is already here.  I had been getting worried through quite a lot of January as I was having so many troubles with enrolling for university that I honestly felt like UTAS didn't want me anymore!

We were sent an email asking for our enrollment to be sorted by the 30th of January so I tried to enroll.  Didn't work.  Tried again the next morning.  Still didn't work.  Sent an email to the lady who was meant to help up, she was on holidays so I had to wait a week.  The new week started and I had tried again to enroll.  The new and improved site is worse than the original and now I couldn't click any of the units I needed.  Got a bit angry and sent an email to the degree coordinator.  She said to try again the next week and that the issues would be resolved.  Well the next week arrived and I still couldn't enroll.

And so by this time there were less than four days til we had to be enrolled by and I was getting emotional.  I swear I experienced every emotion and some more.  Ended up going into university after a few more emails had been sent and I am now FINALLY enrolled!  *Cue celebration sounds*

And so that is how I know it's already February.  And also people have been tweeting that it's Harry Styles birthday.  So Happy Birthday Harry.  Hope you have a fab day :) Em xx

But now that February is here, that means the end of my verrrrry long holiday from uni...  I'm for once excited about going back to uni this semester (see how long that lasts) and I am very excited about the electives I've chosen for this year!  It will be nice to see a lot of people again but will also be very different not seeing Alannah.  That is going to be very different not seeing her every week :(

What are you looking forward to in February?  Got anything interesting planned?

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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