Monday, 2 February 2015

Thoughts In The Morning

You're either a morning person or you're not.  Apparently haha!  Straight up, I am not the most friendliest person in the morning.  So whether your alarm wakes you up in the morning or not, here are some thoughts people (based off my personal experiences hehe) have right when they're feeling most comfortable, all rugged up in a nice, warm, cosy bed.....

Hang on my alarm hasn't gone off yet.  Back to sleep then.
Oh come on, I just turned over!!
Okay will be up in a minute.
I could just study at home today...?
Fine I'll get up.
Where are my slippers?
Oh.  My.  Goodness.  The.  Floor.  Is.  Cold.
When is it the weekend?  I want to sleep in.
Come on, it's dark outside.
I could skip breakfast and buy something later.
Nah I'll make something.
Burnt my toast.  The world must hate me.
No mum don't mind me, just sulking over my burnt toast.
No vegemite?  Well, this day is just getting better and better.
Why won't this jam spread, I'm an adult.  JAM.  SPREAD.  PLEASE.  Vegemite would never do this to me.
How come I have to get changed in a freezing room?  How is that fair?
Do I wear something warm or cold?  Can't trust weather reporters?
This will do, pretty sure I wore something similar last week.. Oh well.
Right hair.
Oh look we have the natural look.  Again.
And the facially naked look.  Again.
I look so pale.  I could fit into a vampire movie.
Bronzer.  Why you no show up on my face?
 Nope.  Not going to risk overly bronzed on my face.  Less is more.
Right, lost my history book.
Why is it still cold?  Come on warmth, there are you?
Where is my history book?
It's a two hour lecture and no tute, I can really stay at home.  Is it too late to back out?
I've put jeans on, I'm going in.
How am I the first one ready?
Wow medal for Emma.
Might lie down on the couch while I wait and rest my eyes.......
Or not.  (Insert swear word)
*leaves home and drives for a few minutes*
It's raining.  My shoes are not for the rain.  Knew I should have worn my boots!

This is pretty close to one of my mornings haha gotta love Tasmanian weather, should really pack a suitcase full of clothes because some days the weather changes so much!  Cold, sunny, then rain, back to sunshine and it's like summer!  GAH!

What are some of your thoughts in the morning?  Are you a morning person?  Or do you prefer to sleep in a cosy bed like me haha

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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