Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Instagram Diary | March

And here we have it the last day of March for 2015...  This means I have 15 days to finish an assignment for uni, oh that fun and joy!

I find it funny, you cross the days off the calender as they pass and even though you know the month is almost up, everything feels like the year is speeding away!  Easter Break is approaching fast and I know that won't be a relaxing period even though all my tutors say for us to have a break.  They say have a break yet they give you assignments to complete and a mountain of study to do.  Ah the life of a uni student #unilyf

But with March at a close here is my Instagram Diary for March :)

~ Lusting over matte black ~ Day at the pool ~ Sibling birthday ~ Had a bit of a chop! ~
~ Buildings covered in vines ~ Matte black again but it's The Body Shop! ~ Building where my textiles class it ~ Nice view with a light bulb ~
~ Pool dreaming ~ Presenting the headpiece for textiles ~ Team Glow Stick ~ Outfit love ~
~ Sunflower love ~ Selfie for Friday ~ My best friend ~

But now I have to go and get work done for my class tomorrow.  Don't you love when tutors say what they want you to have the night before class...?  Ah such fun!

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I hope you manage to squeeze a little bit of a break between all your assignments!

    embrace the detours

    1. Same! I reckon sleeping and eating will end up being when I have breaks haha hope you're we!ll Em xx

  2. Hi, is that a mood board I see. I'm asking bloggers to send me their mood boards with their links for a post I'd love to do as a follow up to mine yesterday. Send me your photo and link (by 4/16) if you'd like to join us here in the USA, thanks!


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