Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Natural Fashion - Textiles: 3D Techniques

Everyone looks forward to Friday because it means the end of the week and here and the weekend is only hours away.  I personally like Friday's because of the class I've got on that day!

This time last year I enrolled in a unit called Experimental Textiles and I enjoyed it so much that instead of enrolling in a unit which falls under the category of architecture and design I opted for another textiles unit!  And just like last year Textiles:  3D Techniques is nothing like I was expecting it to be.  So I thought I would share what we got up to in our first class!

I'd also like to point out that I am not an expert in sewing or making items of clothing and this is all completely new to me!

We've been given our first assessment piece and have to produce a headpiece/headdress/hoodmask/neckpiece which translates gathered information into a physical form.  Bit of a mouth full and I'm still thinking about how I will go about this.  We had a little lecture on different headpieces and the like which can be seen across tribal cultures and also within the fashion industry and after we went back to the textiles area where were had to pick some images of tribal headpieces and create our own piece based on what we found to be inspiring from the images which we had selected.

These were the images I selected.  Also made an early start with my journal work - keeping on top of everything this year and not letting myself fall behind!

When I saw we had paper to work with I thought of making a series of cones and attempt to make inverted cone of sorts.  I had a vision in my head of how I was hoping it would turn out and well it kind of did and it kind of didn't haha!

My teacher said it worked out very well and could see the direction I had explained to her previously and we talked about how I could further develop this design.  I think using differing sized cones would add to it.  Larger cones being placed around the edge of the piece and smaller ones filling up the centre to create depth.  I'd like to see how a textile material would go being moulded into a cone or seeing how pieces of fabric would go and using them as additions to the supports of the headpiece or as little additions for the interior of some of the cones.

My friend Natalie who is also in the class created a headpiece and we tested it out on my head to see that it could be worn by a human!   I feel that I look a little but like the Statue of Liberty?  Thoughts?

I absolutely love the building where we get to study!  Instead of being in the School of Architecture I'm less than a minute away over in the School of Visual and Performing Arts.  I think I'm really lucky where I get to study as we're not in conventional classrooms and instead in an old railway yard building :) I just love looking up and seeing old pieces of machinery and the original features of the space.

Let me know of your thoughts of what I made?  Would you have gone in a different direction with the images I chose?

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. This is so neat and original! I love your piece and he headpiece.
    Marianne :)

    1. Had a good time making it! Sadly when I got to class yesterday it had collapsed haha and only one cone was left on the head! Good thing I took photos when I had made it haha Em xxx

    2. Ohh that's so unfortunate! The picture on the model is my favourite--it looks so professional!


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