Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Hair - Do Care!!

Snip snip snip!  To put it simply - I got my hair cut!

I had posted a photo on Instagram a little while ago of a really nice looking fishtail braid and had said that I wouldn't cut my hair because of my hair goals.  But for a week or so I've been wanting a change with both the length of my hair and it's colour.

I've got quite thick hair and my hair was getting quite long meaning there was a lot of hair!  My hairdresser always comments on how much hair I've got each time I go there haha!  And with all that thick hair sometimes it is a pain to work with every morning and I usually would put it in a bun, a low pony or let it do its own thing.  The ends of my hair also felt terrible so I wanted those sorted out!

I had also coloured my hair in 2014 at the start of May and the colours you know had gone past their prime and in some cases didn't look too attractive!  My natural hair colour was coming through and I had these little golden coloured flecks showing up and then you'd look down my hair and there was the (in my eyes) not so good looking now ombre hair so I decided I wanted to go back to being a brunette :)

I had just under 3 inches cut off so a good 10cm!  And WOW does my hair feel good!  I also had a chocolate brown put through, although I can't remember whether it was a rinse or a dye.  The colour is a little darker than I expected it to be but that all comes down to light haha when I got home I was rotating on the spot with the front facing camera on seeing what it looked like with different light haha either way I love the colour and love being a brunette again!  With the colder months approaching here, I personally think this colour will be perfect for winter!

I can still put my hair up in a little bun on the top of my head (currently rocking that hehe) and also can do a high pony although not too keen on how it looks haha so I do believe I'll be wearing my hair down and either letting it do it's natural thing or have it straightened or wavy! :)

I really love how my hair looks and I loved getting a little chop!  Change is good and I'm glad I did this!  Let me know what you think :) x

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Looks lovely, suits you so much! :) I love getting my hair cut, it always feels so healthy after! xx

    1. Aww thank you! I love it, feels so much lighter too haha Em xxx

  2. You are very pretty !!


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