Saturday, 4 April 2015

April Tiredness

I don't know if this happens to anyone else who is at college or university but there comes a point i semester where you just get awfully exhausted.  There are a few points during the semester where this happens for me and I'm currently having one of those times where I just want to sleep!

The weather is getting colder, if that's at all possible, seeing as the weather has really been quite miserable haha but cold weather for me means cosy clothes, warm drinks and being curled up somewhere with a blanket.  Something which makes you have a debate with yourself constantly because you know the assignments you need to do but you're also very comfortable under the covers and would five more minutes hurt??!

April Fool's went by without any pranks being pulled on me haha and I was very happy that no pinches or punches were exchanged!  Our two local radio stations did pull a prank on their listeners which I personally thought was quite funny.  For half an hour they played the same song and also told the same story, the song being Cheerleader by OMI and the story was a thrilling tale about a moth, thrilling stuff I tell you ;) the other radio station was doing the same prank and one of their listeners rang up saying it was childish what they were doing and that they would be switching radio stations...  I wish I could have seen their reaction when they changed to the other station only to realise they were doing the same thing!

I like the month of April being here, means it's a month closer to my birthday but also two assignments will be handed in within a week of each other and I'll be happy to see the back of them!  I've been spending my nights listening to lectures on textiles, steel and timber and although I'm finding them quite interesting I'm sitting there going "this is my life, Friday night listening to lectures on how to detail timber"  but I now it will be all worth it!

I will admit that I am very jealous of everyone in the opposite side of the world as you're all going into spring and my Instagram feed, blog feed, Pinterest, Tumblr - everything just screams SPRING!  Don't get me wrong I love autumn, it's my favourite season but when Spring colours is all you can see, I do get a touch jealous haha

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. It must be so strange seeing spring things when it's autumn where you are!! xx

    1. Everyone is like "check out my spring wardrobe!!" and I'm sitting here going, you're making me cold with your shorts hahaha Em xx

  2. I have been so tired in April! Only five days in and I'm already exhausted :'(
    Maybe it's revision period and poor weather, who knows!
    Almsee x

    1. I've had the absolute worst sleeping patterns! Usually can't fall asleep til sometime around 3am which isn't fun at all haha can't wait for my body clock to sort itself out!! Em xx

  3. I feel the same, I'm jealous of the rest of the world haha Fortunately I'll spent some months in the States and I'll enjoy Spring twice this year. Autumn is being lovely here though, the days are beautiful and chilly.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

    1. Ah that would be amazing!! I do love autumn though, the colours are just beautiful! Em xx


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