Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How I Like To Spend A Lazy Morning

If there is one thing that university has shown me is that I love to sleep.  I do also love going to university and working my way towards a degree too!!  I remember when I was back in high school and college and thinking that I was so tired and nothing could get worse... Oh Emma, there are so many versions of being tired and I'd love to have high school tiredness over university tiredness any day!!  All my classes at uni take place in the morning, so I'm up bright and early most mornings, but on the days where I have no class there is nothing better than to have a lazy morning!

While a lot of my uni peers would say yes to sleeping in on days when they have a day or morning off, I find that I can't really do that anymore.  One if I oversleep my back starts to get sore, and also I just start to feel guilty and my thoughts end up revolving around how much work I could be doing and in some cases I make myself sick with all my worrying.

I like to have a quiet breakfast and not worry about having to rush.  I also prefer to eat breakfast on my own, not a fan of when I can hear other people eating haha!  I'll usually watch some YouTube videos, this usually ends up being the Saccone-Jolys!  I will be the first to admit that I am that person who checks their phone of a morning like it's the newspaper but I do like to have a look through an actual newspaper and do the sudoku haha

But if there is one thing that I will always do on a lazy morning is to just sit in the sun with a warm drink and just sit there.  There is just something about sitting in this particular spot in my home.  I don't go on my phone while I'm sitting here enjoying my drink and the view haha there is nothing better than being in the warmth of the sun and having a nice drink!
Like Sheldon Cooper has his spot on the couch on Big Bang Theory this is sort of my spot haha :P

And then once my drink is all gone, I just go about the house to get myself dressed into some comfortable clothes and I'm ready for the day!

And now I've got to crack on with an assignment or I know when I go to sleep tonight I'll feel guilty that I haven't done enough!

What's your favourite way to spend a lazy morning?

Until next time, keep smiling :) xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. That sounds like the perfect start to a day! :-)
    I'm not very good at having lazy mornings, I'm all rushing around. I need to learn to take my time! X

    embrace the detours

    1. I don't get to have a lazy morning very often ahah sucks that they only last for half an hour at the most then I'm like right need to start working haha Em xx


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