Thursday, 28 May 2015

Putting In Hard Work

My life currently is filled with a lot of drawing.  So much drawing.  And it's not the fun type of drawing, no way.  Not drawing a pretty picture or something along the lines of that.  No, I've got measured drawings, good old measured drawings for a documentation set.

It's an important skill for an interior designer to have and although it would have been so much quicker to do with a computer program, there is no harm expanding your skills with pen and paper.  Even though your hands are killing you and they can't wait for Monday night when you won't have to sit at the table and draw another detail of how the corner of a plywood wall works!

Yesterday in my tutorial.  I got to speak to my tutor first about my work (insert happy dancing from Emma) and once I'd written down what she wanted me to resolve, I got started on a materials schedule which we have to submit as well for the documentation assignment.

Hand drawing, for me, is a long process.  I've done draft drawings on yellow trace and am currently tracing them onto a different type of trace paper which will then be photocopied and directly printed onto A1 sized paper.  They're also at a scale where you need to put in quite a bit of detail and in some cases those details get quite detailed and I'll be finding myself trying to draw lines which are one millimeter, less than a millimeter apart.  Talk about fun!

I'm also drawing everything onto the trace paper in pencil and will have to go over the drawings again in pen.  If I was more confident and trusted my hand I would have directly drawn in pen, but mistakes happen and it's easier to fix mistakes which are in pencil!

It's the last week of semester this week and I've got my last class tomorrow morning and then we go onto study period.  My degree doesn't have any exams, but I still have assignments and a textiles exhibition to set up!  My weekend it going to be flat out!  And I also have a music competition on the day when I submit the documentation set - that is going to be a GREAT day!

I also think my sharpener for my pencil is pretty damn awesome hahah even though it sucks when the shavings dust comes out of the top and then your hands all grey and dirty!

I had been hoping to have more posts out but for the next few days I have to draw like a crazy woman!  But not make the drawings crazy or my tutor will not be pleased!

But as much as I would love to type up more posts, I have to get back to these wonderful drawings.  Putting the hard work in will definitely pay off!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Life Ramblings!

The countdown is on until my last assignment for this semester has to be submitted and I'm both nervous and excited!  And tired, oh so very tired!

I find my daily routine is the same everyday when the end of semester comes around.  Wake up, get ready for the day, study, snack, study, study, study, snack, study, study, study, have tea, study, study, get ready for bed, study, study, go to sleep, end up not sleeping, contemplate life, sleep, wake up and then repeat!  My breaks during the day are usually when I'm eating, doing human things or when I'm sleeping!  It's just uni all the time!

Sleep is such an annoying part of my routine now.  We're told we're supposed to get eight hours of sleep per night, but I'm lucky if I get six!  The other night I managed three and boy that was a rough night and day!  And because my mind is always thinking of assignments, when I go to sleep I am still thinking of uni work so I'll get an idea and I have to get up and write or sketch the idea then hop back into bed.  Then I can't sleep.

But apart from that my assignments are progressing really well!  I'm not a fan of documentation sets and drawing details isn't something that comes naturally to me haha but I've got a solid understanding of how everything works and as much as I dislike having to draw details it is something I need to do if I want to be an interior designer!

I went to a lighting store in Launceston and initially went there to ask her about lighting for a shadow gap on a wall.  Well over twenty minutes later, we've gone through LED lighting, oggled over some of the amazing pendants they had in the front window, essentially picked out all the lights I'd need for the project and then just chatted about uni and life in general.  She'd studied interior design at a facility in town and we compared how different our experiences had been and she also gave me some great advice on getting through everything.

Needless to say, I loved my time in the lighting store!  It is so awkward sometimes when you go into a business and say that you're an interior design student and you just get this look from them and you know they aren't going to help you one bit.  And it's so hard because they're the ones who have the information you need and they're not making it easy for you to acquire!

I am LOVING my textiles unit still haha and Friday's class was a blast!  I spent most of the class stuffing stocking and also enjoying the smell of coffee beans which will be also stuffed in the stockings.  My final project is split into two and one of the parts I'm focusing on how smell obstructs and body and those around the person who is a tad smelly.  Initially I was going to make it a putrid smell but decided against that and decided on a coffee and tea smell :) I feel it's a smell which some people love and some people hate so I'll be able to get both reactions without offending anyone too badly haha

My textiles class is always full of laughter and is so relaxed!  Going to be sad when the class is finished for the semester!

And the weather here.  If it doesn't snow when winter officially gets here I will sue someone!  It's been so cold!  So here is a photo from summer at the beginning of 2014!  Ah I miss this day!  Good times with Alannah and Matt :) miss them so much!!!!!

Well I guess this has counted as a break and my drawings are calling me!  Eheheheh :P

Hope you are all having a brilliant time wherever you are :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Get In Touch!

Feel free to come and say hey!  I don't bite ;) Em xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Music With No Words

I am the type of person who always has music playing.  Whether it's listening to the radio or music from my phone or on Spotify, there is always some form of music playing around me!  While I do quite enjoy listening to music with lyrics, the music which will always appeal to me no matter what is that of music without words.

Having played clarinet for over ten years, I have always liked to know how a song sounds and would look up online for a recording of the song.  Now while I'm studying or just in need for some noise, I usually will opt for this type of music over songs with lyrics, and these pieces are usually ones which I've played in the past!

I have a private playlist on YouTube with 17 pieces all of which I absolutely adore.  For all the pieces, I have had the chance to play them all, some are from a few years ago and some I've only just recently been given but wow they are some of the most stunning pieces of music I've ever come across!  I won't list all of them but here are some of my favourites!

Part of my music from Yosemite Autumn.

I'm that person when who when they're listening to the piece will sing along...  Have to say, I could seriously do quite well in the singing industry :P ehehehe

I honestly feel so grateful that I've been able to play these songs, and through playing these pieces I've been able to meet some of the most amazing people.  Both instrumental people but also conductors who have taught me so much!  You can't put a price on the friendships and knowledge you've gained, it's just incredible!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Thursday, 14 May 2015

I'm Feelin' 22!!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!  Thank you Taylor Swift for this song which has been stuck in my head all day!  Yep, that's right, today I turned 22 and I don't feel any different from being 21 if I'm honest with you.  I am feeling extremely tired however, I had about 3 hours sleep last night and I am very much looking forward to going to sleep in a few hours time!

So many people asked me today what I'm getting up to, whether I'm doing anything for the 'big day' and they were all shocked when I said I would be doing assignment work, going to a music rehearsal, going home, having a simple tea with my family, doing more assignment work and then sleep!  In all honesty, birthdays are just like any other day for my family.  We don't place a great deal of attention on presents or having a party and I really enjoy that.

My day was quite stressful, and the hours leading up to my birthday were damn right emotional, seriously I was an emotional wreck with uni!  I hit a massive bump in the road with an assignment and had myself thinking that I wouldn't pass and that I'd have to quit uni and find another career path - it wasn't pretty.  But the crisis has been averted and I've also discovered a new bit to do with documentation drawing and architectural drawing in general so I can be happy and smile about that!

I spent a good 6 hours sitting at a drawing table in the corner next to the workshop of my uni and drew and drew and drew and measured and drew some more!  And also made good use of the Photo Booth on my laptop and hoped no one saw hahaha!  I also completely lost track of the time and was nearly late to my music rehearsal!  We had a few birthdays to celebrate at music, there was a birthday yesterday, mine today and our conductors is tomorrow!  Three lots of singing Happy Birthday!

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I find it terribly awkward when you're standing there and everyone is singing Happy Birthday to you.  Like what are you supposed to do exactly??  Not the biggest fan of being centre of attention haha

Also as I've discovered on Twitter, many people also have their birthday today all over the world and it's been amazing to share that with them, connect with them (via the interwebs) and get to celebrate their birthdays!  Jonathan Joly from the
Sacconejolys also said Happy Birthday to me and I will admit I did a little happy dance!

So if today is your birthday, I wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you have the most amazing day!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The First Week Of May

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Well I may be slightly jealous because my birthday falls during May, but also autumn is in full swing and it has not disappointed so far!  The colours are stunning and I find myself looking at the view from my bedroom window more and more instead of actually working on my assignments...  Nature stop looking so fine, I need to study!! 
My class on Wednesday felt like it went on for ages!  I'd printed out the lecture notes the night before (#organised) and saw there were twelve pages there and then six slides on each page..  Seventy two slides on junctions...  The lecture ended up going for just under two hours.  Two hours on junctions.  Junctions.  I did find it interesting and it did give me inspiration and ideas on what to do in an assignment but two hours!  My tutor then called for a lengthy break and most people went off to get coffee but I opted to stay seated and look up stuff for my assignment.  Something which I now heavily regret because I was starving and thirsty.  Sometimes you just need to listen to your tummy and get some food and drink instead of concentrating on your assignment!

We also did an exercise on drawing sections, elevations and pretty much everything we need to know when you have to draw up a documentation set.  It finally clicked with me today how to do everything - better late than never!  I ended up scribbling over my page with notes and diagrams which would help me with the assignment.  Also wrote it in green so I wouldn't get it confused with what I had originally drawn.  It was cool for us to be given a look at other documentation drawing sets, even though it freaks me out seeing what other people have done in the past.  Also scary because I have no idea where to buy A1 paper from.  Our teacher wants us to hand draw everything so I really need to find where I can buy the paper from before it gets too late!

Friday is probably my favourite day of the week purely because of the class I have on that day.  My textiles class is always so fun!  I've got an awesome tutor and also the students in the class are brilliant!!  I've made some amazing friends and it's honestly going to be sad when we go into semester two and have no classes together!  There was a workshop in the gallery downstairs and I initially spied some amazing wedding dresses!  There was a little section from the fashion design people at TAFE and wow one of the dresses I would have bought if I could!  And funny thing was it wasn't even finished!!  There are some crazy talented people in this world!

But what excited me the most was seeing that there were some weaving looms.  I'd watched a program a long while ago called Master Crafts and there was an episode on weaving and I found it fascinating!  In my textiles unit last year we got to do picture frame weaving but I was so incredibly excited to be able to weave using a loom!  Three other girls and myself worked with one loom and had a lot of fun doing so!

We figured out how to do a few patterns which we were chuffed with!  Also funny story..  I was getting a new bit of wool do use as we had run out.  So while I was doing that a man, who turned out to be a painting teacher, asked me what we were doing so I explained and he then told me that he needed a model to wear a kimono for him to paint.  Preferably a model who has pale skin and black hair.  Apparently I looked very pale and had black hair on Friday...  I blame the lighting in the gallery!  And I'm standing there going I'm not a model!  I was also confused because he either meant I had to wear a kimono and stand there while people painted whatever pose I was doing, or I dressed up in a blank kimono and then he painted onto the kimono...  I found it awkward and slipped away back to the loom!  I found the situation awkward, everyone else found it funny!

And that was what happened on two days of the first full week of May!  I did get up to other stuff as well but unless you want to hear about me studying, stuffing stockings to make balls, getting annoyed at people at music and constant journal work this is it haha!  On Friday I had wanted to do a Day In My Life styled blog post and take photos but my morning when I woke got off to the wrong start and I was like nope not happening this week!  However, it is something I'd like to do in the future!

Hope you are all having a lovely time wherever you are and to all the Mums out there I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day tomorrow!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Hushed Blush

I have been a massive fan of Revlon nail polishes since I can remember and last night I decided it was time to paint my nails again and came across Hushed Blush which had hidden itself away in the drawer!  So presenting 120 Hushed Blush!  It's been discontinued which is annoying but I hope to find a dupe for it because the colour is absolutely gorgeous!  We've had this polish for ages, can't remember how long exactly but the formula is exactly what it was like when it was initially bought, which I am extremely thankful for.  I would be quite upset if I had to throw this away haha
It's a soft nude pink colour, but in different lights can appear brighter with a coral undertone which I love!  It also has the right amount of shimmer to it, which is great because this allows it to be a colour which you can wear on an everyday basis without it looking overdone.  You can do just the one coat, however I found it to be a little streaky and the colour is also quite subtle, or that could just be me not using a lot haha!  However, I applied two coats with this polish because I wanted a little more coverage with the colour.
I'm not very talented when it comes to doing my nails but I have always found this so easy to apply and the drying time wasn't so bad either!  I didn't do a top coat this time but would normally pop a clear top coat over the top!  From my experiences with Revlon polishes they will last be a long time and even longer with a top coat!  I feel it's also a colour which you can wear all year round as well which is pretty good if you ask me!!

What do you think of the colour?  Also does anyone know of a dupe for this product, I will be eternally grateful!  Let me know if you've like this sort of post and want to see anything like this in the future!! :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 4 May 2015

Current Favourite Home Pins!

I absolutely love Pinterest and use it a lot as a source of inspiration for both my blog and also the assignments which are set at university!  And seeing as I am a frequent user of this wonderful site, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite home pins!

All of these photos can be viewed on my Home and co. board in Pinterest which you can find here!

I always love looking for inspiration for my bedroom and even though I won't be able to have the exact thing, there will always be certain elements of a room that I can use and make my own!  We're currently in Autumn in my part of the world so it's getting a bit nippy and I'm very soon going to have to crack out the throw blankets for my bed!  And probably the hot water bottle too for good measure haha

I have recently been loving baths and really really really wish there was a Lush shop where I live so I could grab some bath stuff but for now I'll just lust over this bath!  Also this is nearly my dream kitchen.  I have been obsessed with kitchens and am leaning towards those which are white with timber - that is my all time favourite combo!  Also last image, who doesn't want a bit of foliage inside the house?  Only worry for me would be that a bee or wasp would probably want to hang out and then we'd have a massive problem!

I just adore these last two photos.  One I love me some fairy lights and lights in general and I can just imagine setting up a part of the house like this when there is a party of it's Christmas - I just think it would look magical!  And of course loving the white and timber!  And workspace love!!  So much love for this, I wish I could have a space like this to work in!  If I did I doubt I would ever procrastinate!  Although I'd probably admire the space I'm in and then get distracted from that hehe

I use Pinterest on both the app and on the computer and if you don't already have an account on the site I highly recommend that you pop over and make one!  There is an abundance of amazing images waiting to inspire you and also I find it so relaxing to scroll through and pin stuff!  One of my favourite activities hahaha

If you've got Pinterest let me know in the comments and I'll come and check it out!  Love finding new accounts to follow!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Welcome To emmadaisy

I feel like this is one of those occasions in high school where you had to do speeches in front of your grade or whole school to get onto the prefect board or be house captain.  Weren't those fun??

Hiya!  I'm Emma.

I am a daughter, sister, friend and Interior Design Graduate!

I started this blog in April 2014 to have my own little space on the internet where I could write about anything which interested me.  I wanted emmadaisy to be a blog that people could pop over to and have a little laugh and giggle and be inspired by whatever flowed from my mind and onto the page.  My goal is to make people happy and smile and if I can achieve that through this blog then I will be a very chuffed gal!

At the end of 2016 I completed studying a Bachelor of Environmental Design (interior design) at university and now I am onto the next chapter of my life!  I don't know what eh future holds but I am looking forward to whatever it is!

I can play the clarinet and a few other instruments, I love Harry Potter and am not ashamed to say I was sorted into Slytherin!  I'm a fan of Marvel and although I don't know the ins and outs of everything I love it!  And really wish I could be part of the Avengers...  I love spending time with my family and friends and am still trying to convince my parents to get a puppy (or cat, or guinea pig, or gold fish - I'm not really fussed)..

On emmadaisy expect to see posts on what I've been up to at uni and any other day of the week.  Such as things I've seen, what I've loved and also little cooking recipes whenever I bake or cook something successfully!!

Oh and I still complain about having to eat peas.

Thank you for stopping by!!  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x