Saturday, 23 May 2015

Life Ramblings!

The countdown is on until my last assignment for this semester has to be submitted and I'm both nervous and excited!  And tired, oh so very tired!

I find my daily routine is the same everyday when the end of semester comes around.  Wake up, get ready for the day, study, snack, study, study, study, snack, study, study, study, have tea, study, study, get ready for bed, study, study, go to sleep, end up not sleeping, contemplate life, sleep, wake up and then repeat!  My breaks during the day are usually when I'm eating, doing human things or when I'm sleeping!  It's just uni all the time!

Sleep is such an annoying part of my routine now.  We're told we're supposed to get eight hours of sleep per night, but I'm lucky if I get six!  The other night I managed three and boy that was a rough night and day!  And because my mind is always thinking of assignments, when I go to sleep I am still thinking of uni work so I'll get an idea and I have to get up and write or sketch the idea then hop back into bed.  Then I can't sleep.

But apart from that my assignments are progressing really well!  I'm not a fan of documentation sets and drawing details isn't something that comes naturally to me haha but I've got a solid understanding of how everything works and as much as I dislike having to draw details it is something I need to do if I want to be an interior designer!

I went to a lighting store in Launceston and initially went there to ask her about lighting for a shadow gap on a wall.  Well over twenty minutes later, we've gone through LED lighting, oggled over some of the amazing pendants they had in the front window, essentially picked out all the lights I'd need for the project and then just chatted about uni and life in general.  She'd studied interior design at a facility in town and we compared how different our experiences had been and she also gave me some great advice on getting through everything.

Needless to say, I loved my time in the lighting store!  It is so awkward sometimes when you go into a business and say that you're an interior design student and you just get this look from them and you know they aren't going to help you one bit.  And it's so hard because they're the ones who have the information you need and they're not making it easy for you to acquire!

I am LOVING my textiles unit still haha and Friday's class was a blast!  I spent most of the class stuffing stocking and also enjoying the smell of coffee beans which will be also stuffed in the stockings.  My final project is split into two and one of the parts I'm focusing on how smell obstructs and body and those around the person who is a tad smelly.  Initially I was going to make it a putrid smell but decided against that and decided on a coffee and tea smell :) I feel it's a smell which some people love and some people hate so I'll be able to get both reactions without offending anyone too badly haha

My textiles class is always full of laughter and is so relaxed!  Going to be sad when the class is finished for the semester!

And the weather here.  If it doesn't snow when winter officially gets here I will sue someone!  It's been so cold!  So here is a photo from summer at the beginning of 2014!  Ah I miss this day!  Good times with Alannah and Matt :) miss them so much!!!!!

Well I guess this has counted as a break and my drawings are calling me!  Eheheheh :P

Hope you are all having a brilliant time wherever you are :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I don't know how you survive on so little sleep, my friend Emma (same name ironic) is the same as you, she is up all night trying to finish assignments, fair play to you both.

    Meme xx

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    'Magic Is Everywhere'

    1. I avoid people as much as possible so I don't say anything I'll regret haha sleepless nights will be worth it though in the end!! hopefully hahaha Em xx


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