Thursday, 28 May 2015

Putting In Hard Work

My life currently is filled with a lot of drawing.  So much drawing.  And it's not the fun type of drawing, no way.  Not drawing a pretty picture or something along the lines of that.  No, I've got measured drawings, good old measured drawings for a documentation set.

It's an important skill for an interior designer to have and although it would have been so much quicker to do with a computer program, there is no harm expanding your skills with pen and paper.  Even though your hands are killing you and they can't wait for Monday night when you won't have to sit at the table and draw another detail of how the corner of a plywood wall works!

Yesterday in my tutorial.  I got to speak to my tutor first about my work (insert happy dancing from Emma) and once I'd written down what she wanted me to resolve, I got started on a materials schedule which we have to submit as well for the documentation assignment.

Hand drawing, for me, is a long process.  I've done draft drawings on yellow trace and am currently tracing them onto a different type of trace paper which will then be photocopied and directly printed onto A1 sized paper.  They're also at a scale where you need to put in quite a bit of detail and in some cases those details get quite detailed and I'll be finding myself trying to draw lines which are one millimeter, less than a millimeter apart.  Talk about fun!

I'm also drawing everything onto the trace paper in pencil and will have to go over the drawings again in pen.  If I was more confident and trusted my hand I would have directly drawn in pen, but mistakes happen and it's easier to fix mistakes which are in pencil!

It's the last week of semester this week and I've got my last class tomorrow morning and then we go onto study period.  My degree doesn't have any exams, but I still have assignments and a textiles exhibition to set up!  My weekend it going to be flat out!  And I also have a music competition on the day when I submit the documentation set - that is going to be a GREAT day!

I also think my sharpener for my pencil is pretty damn awesome hahah even though it sucks when the shavings dust comes out of the top and then your hands all grey and dirty!

I had been hoping to have more posts out but for the next few days I have to draw like a crazy woman!  But not make the drawings crazy or my tutor will not be pleased!

But as much as I would love to type up more posts, I have to get back to these wonderful drawings.  Putting the hard work in will definitely pay off!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


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    1. Thank you!! Submitted it yesterday and have had themost lazy day today haha :) Em xx


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