Saturday, 9 May 2015

The First Week Of May

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Well I may be slightly jealous because my birthday falls during May, but also autumn is in full swing and it has not disappointed so far!  The colours are stunning and I find myself looking at the view from my bedroom window more and more instead of actually working on my assignments...  Nature stop looking so fine, I need to study!! 
My class on Wednesday felt like it went on for ages!  I'd printed out the lecture notes the night before (#organised) and saw there were twelve pages there and then six slides on each page..  Seventy two slides on junctions...  The lecture ended up going for just under two hours.  Two hours on junctions.  Junctions.  I did find it interesting and it did give me inspiration and ideas on what to do in an assignment but two hours!  My tutor then called for a lengthy break and most people went off to get coffee but I opted to stay seated and look up stuff for my assignment.  Something which I now heavily regret because I was starving and thirsty.  Sometimes you just need to listen to your tummy and get some food and drink instead of concentrating on your assignment!

We also did an exercise on drawing sections, elevations and pretty much everything we need to know when you have to draw up a documentation set.  It finally clicked with me today how to do everything - better late than never!  I ended up scribbling over my page with notes and diagrams which would help me with the assignment.  Also wrote it in green so I wouldn't get it confused with what I had originally drawn.  It was cool for us to be given a look at other documentation drawing sets, even though it freaks me out seeing what other people have done in the past.  Also scary because I have no idea where to buy A1 paper from.  Our teacher wants us to hand draw everything so I really need to find where I can buy the paper from before it gets too late!

Friday is probably my favourite day of the week purely because of the class I have on that day.  My textiles class is always so fun!  I've got an awesome tutor and also the students in the class are brilliant!!  I've made some amazing friends and it's honestly going to be sad when we go into semester two and have no classes together!  There was a workshop in the gallery downstairs and I initially spied some amazing wedding dresses!  There was a little section from the fashion design people at TAFE and wow one of the dresses I would have bought if I could!  And funny thing was it wasn't even finished!!  There are some crazy talented people in this world!

But what excited me the most was seeing that there were some weaving looms.  I'd watched a program a long while ago called Master Crafts and there was an episode on weaving and I found it fascinating!  In my textiles unit last year we got to do picture frame weaving but I was so incredibly excited to be able to weave using a loom!  Three other girls and myself worked with one loom and had a lot of fun doing so!

We figured out how to do a few patterns which we were chuffed with!  Also funny story..  I was getting a new bit of wool do use as we had run out.  So while I was doing that a man, who turned out to be a painting teacher, asked me what we were doing so I explained and he then told me that he needed a model to wear a kimono for him to paint.  Preferably a model who has pale skin and black hair.  Apparently I looked very pale and had black hair on Friday...  I blame the lighting in the gallery!  And I'm standing there going I'm not a model!  I was also confused because he either meant I had to wear a kimono and stand there while people painted whatever pose I was doing, or I dressed up in a blank kimono and then he painted onto the kimono...  I found it awkward and slipped away back to the loom!  I found the situation awkward, everyone else found it funny!

And that was what happened on two days of the first full week of May!  I did get up to other stuff as well but unless you want to hear about me studying, stuffing stockings to make balls, getting annoyed at people at music and constant journal work this is it haha!  On Friday I had wanted to do a Day In My Life styled blog post and take photos but my morning when I woke got off to the wrong start and I was like nope not happening this week!  However, it is something I'd like to do in the future!

Hope you are all having a lovely time wherever you are and to all the Mums out there I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day tomorrow!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. :O I love looking at old weaving looms! I'm hopefully learning how to use them when I go to uni! xx

    1. Aww that's awesome! Seriously it was amazing! You really should if you get the chance :) Em xx


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