Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Instagram Diary | June

Ah June.  You were an interesting month.  There were the highest of highs and then there were the lowest of lows but that's life and you've just got to roll with it and take everything day by day!

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I honestly so glad June is over.  I get my results for semester one in a couple of days time and then a few days after that I start semester two and I can't wait to be back at uni.  As much as I'll complain about university, it gives me structure and it keeps my mind occupied, and right now I want nothing more than to be back at uni!  We'll see how long this lasts though when I have to have 9am starts on a Monday hahaha

Hope your June has been amazing and here's to hoping that July is simply brilliant!  Don't forget you can always come and say hello at my Instagram - @emmadaisy___     ;)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Shoulder Length Hair Inspiration

Last Saturday I had an appointment to get my hair cut and I had be tossing up between just getting a trim and growing my hair back out of chopping it off again.  I ended up getting bit cut of (good old emotional impulses hahahah) and it's the shortest my hair has been in a few years and I LOVE it!  I think the last time my hair was this short was maybe in my second year of uni and it's so much to have that lighter feeling of hair on your hair!  I have quite thick hair and I also have a lot of hair and it does get quite heavy sometimes!!

I didn't get my hair coloured and my natural colour is coming through in force!  Because I have coloured my hair quite a bit in the past some of the colour is still there in the middles and towards the ends and my hairdresser said I'm pulling off the balayage effect without even trying hahah!

Now that I have short hair (I know it's not short short but for me this is short haha) I've been looking around for inspiration on how to style my hair and what I can do with it!  I am the WORST when it comes to hair and either have it in a high or low bun, a pony tail or leave it out and let it do its thing hahah I really need to up my hair skills haha

                                             credit                                                       credit

My hair as it now vaguely looks like this naturally, if it is cooperating that it!  Some morning it will have nice waves and other it's as flat as anything and if I've got a middle parting hello Professor Snape!!  I love just a simple hair style which isn't too in your face and just love these!  I saw the photo on the right a while ago and was going to take it along to the hairdressers when I got my hair cut!

                                               credit                                                     credit

Talk about looking effortless!  I always go for a side parting of a middle one just because I think it frames my face better but I nine times out of ten will always pull it back so it's not in my face..  I've done this enough I think haha time to let my hair be free!  I have a love hate relationship with the photo on the right.  I cannot for the life of me get this to look nice on me!  I'll paint a picture for you...  I literally resemble Qui Gon from Star Wars if I ever try the half up half down style - HAIR WHY YOU DO THIS TO MEEE??!  It does make my brother and I chuckle though hahaha

All of the photos have been from my Hair and co. Pinterest board which you can check out here!  You can see all the hair related pins I love!!

I do love my hair :)  and a change is style is always good, it'll always grow back remember ;)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Book Thief

I've had The Book Thief on my shelf for quite some time now and did start to read it over a year ago but only read a few pages of it.  I picked it up towards the end of me finishing semester one at university this year and recently just finished!  And I fell in love with the book!

It's written by Markus Zusak, an Australian author, and I'll be honest I had never heard of him before I picked up the book.  The book is set during World War II in Germany and is centered around a young girl called Liesel Meminger.

I knew straight away that I would get attached to characters and boy did I get attached!   Papa, when he was described he was instantly one of those people who you cared for and the same went for many of the others in the story!  I won't be going into what exactly happened in the book because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't been able to read it themselves yet!

Towards the end, I found that my reading pace quickened a lot and I was always eager to see what happened next!  Markus Zusak has a brilliant writing style and I will definitely be looking into more pieces he has written.

I haven't seen the movie and I'm not quite sure whether I will go and get it or not.  I've seen the trailer for it though!  I'm the type of person who prefers the books over the movies but I do think it would be interesting to see how they adapted for book for the film!

The Book Thief was truly an amazing book and up there with some of my favourite reads!  Definitely if you haven't read it before go and get yourself a copy!! :)

Only problem now is I have no other books to read haha unless you count furniture books haha anyone have any book recommendations??!  I need more books to read!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Revisiting my Intentions of 2015

Right at the start of the year in January, I did a post called Intentions of 2015.  As I said in that post I am not the type of person who sets resolutions and opted to go for what I intended on doing this year.  Honestly, I had forgotten about the post until a few days ago where I was essentially stalking my blog haha and thought it would be in interesting thing to have a look and see how my intentions had been going!

Be more creative.
I think during semester one I have definitely been more creative.  I've pushed myself so much this and have worn myself out doing so!  In my textiles unit I was so proud with what I produced and it was nothing like I ever thought I could ever create! I'm looking forward to semester two especially as one of the units I'm doing is called Digital Imaging and it's over in the Arts School again!!  Very excited for that!

Worry less about what other think.
This was honestly hard for me.  I don't really know how to write about this one if I'm honest.  I'm the type of person who cares about other peoples opinions and do take things to heart which isn't beneficial in some cases.  I've found with certain things, like whether there are differing music tastes I won't be bothered because at the end of the day it's my ears!  But in other cases I've really struggled with what people think of me.  Whether it's with my appearance or something I've done at uni I get very self conscious.

Say yes more.
I do believe I've said yes to more things this year!  I done more tutoring with little kids at music this year which has been an interesting experience to say the least!  I think on the flip side of this one I need to say no more.  You can't let people walk over you!

Exercise more and respect my body.
Yeah this one hasn't gone to plan as much as I would have liked.  I have been walking more but really want to up my game with exercise!  I've re-downloaded an app called PumpUp and I plan on actually doing the workouts!  If you don't already have PumpUp I highly recommend you go and download it!  It's probably the most supportive community I've ever come across!

Keep clutter away.
This is like 50/50 haha I'll clean my room and keep away clutter then I'll get stuck into uni work and my room will get messy again.  And my uni work will spread.  All over the house.....  Opps!  But then I do clean everything up!  But then the clutter comes back ahha it's a viscous cycle!

If you set yourself goals for 2015 how have you gone with them??  :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Nude Shimmery Nail Combo

You know when you’re at home and there are things you could be doing?  Like being productive and making your bed or cleaning but instead you decided to repaint your nails because your going to the movies that night with your friends…?  Yeah that was me on Wednesday!  I was going to be seeing the Minions (check out that post here) and had been thinking of painting my nails yellow for the occasion but never got around to buying yellow nail polish so opted for a nude shimmery combo!

I have seen so many examples of people having a solid base colour and then lightly over the top they’d use a shimmery colour, and the results always looked stunning!  I had wanted to do this for a while and so grabbed two polishes, which I love and had a go to see how it turned out!  In a little gift pack I got from Revlon, there was 705 Grey Suede and I think this is a perfect nude colour for your nails!  Over the top I used Maybelines Tan Lines and it’s from their Color Show Stripped Nudes range and my goodness it is so pretty!  I’ve worn this so many times just on it’s own and with a single coat it is quite subtle but with a second coat over the top has full coverage and it is simply stunning!

I didn’t use an actual base coat because I was running quite short on time but the Revlon polish went on like a dream and didn’t take long to dry!  I was messaging my best friend Alannah at the time and was finding it frustrating that I couldn’t talk to her hahaha but trying to type with drying nails isn’t something I’m very good at!  I gave the polish ample time to dry because I just hate when you think it’s dry then knock it and you’ve got a dent in your nails!  Applying Tan Lines went on without a hitch but I had the classic thing where on my left hand my nails looked amazing with the application but not so much on my right hand ahhaha may have went “over the lines” …  it’s alright now, looks beautiful!

I just love this combo!  Like I said earlier, Tan Lines with just one coat is quite subtle and doesn’t give a solid finish.  So with Grey Suede underneath provides a great base colour, which compliments the top coat!  Well I think so anyway!  It’s quite an elegant finish and it’s something that I would wear anytime!

Let me know what you think of it!! xx

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Minions Movie!!

On Wednesday night I was lucky enough to go to a pre-screening of the new movie Minions!  I’d previously seen the Despicable Me movies and loved them and fell in love with the cute little Minions so was very excited to see the Minions Movie.  All of the money from the ticket sales would be going towards Give Me 5 For Kids, a charity I love, which supports the children’s wards in hospitals around Australia!  There were also a few birthdays there so a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday was sung which was really nice :)

Easily the predominant age group there were little kids and I think we were the “oldest kids” there haha minus the parents!  I hadn’t been to the movies in quite a long time, I think the last movie I saw might have been Horrible Bosses 2 and that was a good year ago so I was also quite excited to have popcorn!!  I don’t know what Village Cinema put in their popcorn but boy is it yummy!

The movie itself was hilarious and I’d gladly go and see it again!  I fell in love with Bob (along with everyone else in the cinema) and couldn’t help but awwww at some of his moments on screen!  What I loved was the laughter from the little kids who were there.  They laughed at basically everything!  There was a little boy in front of us and he had one of the most unique laughs I’ve ever heard; it was so cute!

Not doing any spoilers for the movie (don’t want Minion fans to get grumpy at me) but there was a pretty big part in the movie and for once the cinema was quiet, which was a shock haha…  However a little boy cried out “I’M GOING TO CRUSH YOU!” if you get to see the movie you’ll know which part I am talking about ;) it was honestly such an adorable moment!

While the kids laughed at literally anything, I chuckled when the older viewers laughed at jokes, which the littlies didn’t get!  There were some good teeth jokes and also the iconic Abbey Road, which I personally got excited about being a fan of The Beatles.  Sadly the kids, I don’t think have been introduced to The Beatles so they were a little confused why we found it so good!

When the movie finished, majority of people got up and left.  However, the girls I was with and a couple of other people stayed to watch the credits because you know movie people, they like to stick a few extra things in at the end and we didn’t want to miss that!

I hadn’t noticed before but there were the large cut outs for the movie and being the mature adults we are, we took photos with them!  As you can see here, Natalie is sporting a dashing Minion beanie, which didn’t stick out when we were walking through town…  She did get some interesting looks!

If you get the opportunity too, I would definitely recommend seeing Minions!  You’ll get good laughs out of it and who doesn’t want to watch a funny movie??  Gru probably or a villain hahahha

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

End of Semester - Textiles: 3D Techniques

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about what I got up to in my elective, Textiles: 3D Techniques which you can check out here and I'll be honest, I wanted to write weekly posts of what I got up to but I kind of failed at that!  But I thought seeing as the semester has come to an end (finally) I would show all what I put up for my folio as part of the final assessment!

I enjoyed this unit so much!  My tutor was amazing, and everyone in the class was awesome to work with!  I went into the unit knowing three people; the tutor, and two girls who I had done a unit with previously.  I finished the unit knowing a stack more people and have made some amazing friends :) Friday was probably my favourite day of the week only because I had this class.  The lessons were so relaxed and the three hours went so quickly!  We had our coffee break at 11am and this was a very important part of the unit haha there was a $2 coffee machine near the vending machines downstairs and I'll say this, they tasted amazing!  Awkward though for Natalie when she broke the machine eheheheh

We had three assessment tasks during the semester, all of which would be shown in the final folio and marked at the same time.  It's a bit daunting going through an entire semester and not receive any grades at all!  You just had to hope you were on the right track and always made sure you communicated with the tutor so she understood what you were trying to do!  We also had a continual journal work which would also be marked.  Last year in a different textiles unit, I left my journal to the last minute which was the worst thing to do and I knew how that turned out so made an effort to keep on top of my journal work this year!  And thankfully I did and I am so proud of how my journal turned out; don't know how many hours I spent working on that journal!

We had to set up everything before 9am on Thursday and I had finished all of my physical pieces earlier in the week and had been working on finishing my journal and improving my artist statement so I set everything up on Thursday morning.  I had already been allocated a space in our final class and already had an idea of how I wanted to set everything out, so it didn't take me that long to finish putting it all together.  All of my pieces had a very natural palette and this wasn't intentional, but looked so cool!

Here you can see the headpiece I made for the first assignment.  We had to make a form based off data we had collected and I chose to get my data from the colours I saw in the two buildings where I have my classes.  The form then came from the saw tooth roof which both buildings had and I thought triangles to represent those.  I was so worried it would turn out 50 shades of grey hahaha

Second assessment task was just making a heap of samples.  I covered my hand in foil, made a tie of sorts from a stocking which I stuffed with various things, I sewed some leaves onto a pair of socks, stuffed a bit of stocking and then wrapped it in wool (this one didn't turn out how I wanted), I also made some twine and wool balls which were probably one of my favourite things!  Later following on from the balls I put rice in balloons, blew them up and them placed them in the ends of stockings and then wrapped the twine around them.  Some of the balloons shrunk but I love that you can gently shake them and you can hear the rice moving around.  I'll probably make more twine balls and stick them around my room I loved them that much!

Last assignment was a big one.  I probably did more work than I needed to but I just had quite a few ideas!  We were given two options to choose from and I chose the one which was about making us aware of the environment around us.  My immediate thoughts on this revolved around obstruction and went to smell.  You know when some one is a bit on the nose?  Yep, I was thinking about smell and how that can obstruct you and make you more aware of the environment around you.  I was going to go with body smells but that wasn't working and I kept getting headaches from perfumes so decided on coffee and tea.  I found they were scents which at first seem comforting but after a while they can become overbearing and turn into an unpleasant smell.

My piece for this ended up being a series of stocking which were stuffed with various materials.  Some materials produced sounds when you moved them and then there was the coffee beans and tea which would give you the smell.  It was all very textural!  I was so happy with how this turned out!  You could either wear it around your neck or you could pop it on your head as a headband and then spin around in circles and lets the balls fly around and create a "bubble" of smell!!

I also created a mask from calico and various leaves from around my house.  It's ironic because I'm not a fan of masks and if a masked figure pops up in a movie, I get scared!  The mask was interesting to make hahaha I'm pleased with how it turned out though, but you won't see me wearing it anywhere!

My tutor also loved it when I sewed leaves onto socks so did a few more of these.  I kept thinking of what it's like with magnets, and how they attract certain things.  In my head when I was sewing, I pictured a person jumping into a pile of leaves and how the leaves would look like if they were just stuck onto the socks.  Some turned out better than others, the type of leaf had a lot to do with how it would end up.

We had to take our work down on Friday the day after and we would also be getting our marks for everything and me being me was a little nervous!  I got to uni around midday and spent my time reading The Book Thief and talking with one of the girls in the class.  One of the funniest talks I've ever had!  It was brilliant.

When I went up to get my results, I was hoping for a credit as to be considered for honors you have to have a credit average.  Well to my utter surprise I got a high distinction!!!!!  I'm still in shock to be honest!  I've got high distinctions in assessments before but never for a whole unit!  Needless to say happy dances took place!  Also the smelly balls headpiece bit I made was picked to be shown in an exhibition with some other people work from the arts school!!!  How crazy is that???!

I am honestly so proud - hard work definitely does pay off! 

Now all that's left is to get my results for my other unit!  The nervous wait haha I am looking forward to holidays though.  Cleaning will take place and I'll be doing a lot of reading!  I've started reading The Book Thief and I'm getting attached to characters and I can tell this isn't going to end well!  I'm also hoping to learn a new computer program for next semester so this should be fun!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

7 Wonders of the World

I'm sure at some point during our time at school we've been told about the various 7 Wonders of the World.  They are pretty stunning I will say, but earlier I was thinking there are some different parts of our world which are just as wonderful and we don't have to travel anywhere to see them.  And they're right with us:


They are so simple but I think they are so powerful.  We may have all of them and we may only have some of them but they still are pretty wonderful.  I think we take so many things for granted these days and have to really appreciate what we actually have.  We need to appreciate the little things in life :)

Just something little to remember :)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x