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End of Semester - Textiles: 3D Techniques

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about what I got up to in my elective, Textiles: 3D Techniques which you can check out here and I'll be honest, I wanted to write weekly posts of what I got up to but I kind of failed at that!  But I thought seeing as the semester has come to an end (finally) I would show all what I put up for my folio as part of the final assessment!

I enjoyed this unit so much!  My tutor was amazing, and everyone in the class was awesome to work with!  I went into the unit knowing three people; the tutor, and two girls who I had done a unit with previously.  I finished the unit knowing a stack more people and have made some amazing friends :) Friday was probably my favourite day of the week only because I had this class.  The lessons were so relaxed and the three hours went so quickly!  We had our coffee break at 11am and this was a very important part of the unit haha there was a $2 coffee machine near the vending machines downstairs and I'll say this, they tasted amazing!  Awkward though for Natalie when she broke the machine eheheheh

We had three assessment tasks during the semester, all of which would be shown in the final folio and marked at the same time.  It's a bit daunting going through an entire semester and not receive any grades at all!  You just had to hope you were on the right track and always made sure you communicated with the tutor so she understood what you were trying to do!  We also had a continual journal work which would also be marked.  Last year in a different textiles unit, I left my journal to the last minute which was the worst thing to do and I knew how that turned out so made an effort to keep on top of my journal work this year!  And thankfully I did and I am so proud of how my journal turned out; don't know how many hours I spent working on that journal!

We had to set up everything before 9am on Thursday and I had finished all of my physical pieces earlier in the week and had been working on finishing my journal and improving my artist statement so I set everything up on Thursday morning.  I had already been allocated a space in our final class and already had an idea of how I wanted to set everything out, so it didn't take me that long to finish putting it all together.  All of my pieces had a very natural palette and this wasn't intentional, but looked so cool!

Here you can see the headpiece I made for the first assignment.  We had to make a form based off data we had collected and I chose to get my data from the colours I saw in the two buildings where I have my classes.  The form then came from the saw tooth roof which both buildings had and I thought triangles to represent those.  I was so worried it would turn out 50 shades of grey hahaha

Second assessment task was just making a heap of samples.  I covered my hand in foil, made a tie of sorts from a stocking which I stuffed with various things, I sewed some leaves onto a pair of socks, stuffed a bit of stocking and then wrapped it in wool (this one didn't turn out how I wanted), I also made some twine and wool balls which were probably one of my favourite things!  Later following on from the balls I put rice in balloons, blew them up and them placed them in the ends of stockings and then wrapped the twine around them.  Some of the balloons shrunk but I love that you can gently shake them and you can hear the rice moving around.  I'll probably make more twine balls and stick them around my room I loved them that much!

Last assignment was a big one.  I probably did more work than I needed to but I just had quite a few ideas!  We were given two options to choose from and I chose the one which was about making us aware of the environment around us.  My immediate thoughts on this revolved around obstruction and went to smell.  You know when some one is a bit on the nose?  Yep, I was thinking about smell and how that can obstruct you and make you more aware of the environment around you.  I was going to go with body smells but that wasn't working and I kept getting headaches from perfumes so decided on coffee and tea.  I found they were scents which at first seem comforting but after a while they can become overbearing and turn into an unpleasant smell.

My piece for this ended up being a series of stocking which were stuffed with various materials.  Some materials produced sounds when you moved them and then there was the coffee beans and tea which would give you the smell.  It was all very textural!  I was so happy with how this turned out!  You could either wear it around your neck or you could pop it on your head as a headband and then spin around in circles and lets the balls fly around and create a "bubble" of smell!!

I also created a mask from calico and various leaves from around my house.  It's ironic because I'm not a fan of masks and if a masked figure pops up in a movie, I get scared!  The mask was interesting to make hahaha I'm pleased with how it turned out though, but you won't see me wearing it anywhere!

My tutor also loved it when I sewed leaves onto socks so did a few more of these.  I kept thinking of what it's like with magnets, and how they attract certain things.  In my head when I was sewing, I pictured a person jumping into a pile of leaves and how the leaves would look like if they were just stuck onto the socks.  Some turned out better than others, the type of leaf had a lot to do with how it would end up.

We had to take our work down on Friday the day after and we would also be getting our marks for everything and me being me was a little nervous!  I got to uni around midday and spent my time reading The Book Thief and talking with one of the girls in the class.  One of the funniest talks I've ever had!  It was brilliant.

When I went up to get my results, I was hoping for a credit as to be considered for honors you have to have a credit average.  Well to my utter surprise I got a high distinction!!!!!  I'm still in shock to be honest!  I've got high distinctions in assessments before but never for a whole unit!  Needless to say happy dances took place!  Also the smelly balls headpiece bit I made was picked to be shown in an exhibition with some other people work from the arts school!!!  How crazy is that???!

I am honestly so proud - hard work definitely does pay off! 

Now all that's left is to get my results for my other unit!  The nervous wait haha I am looking forward to holidays though.  Cleaning will take place and I'll be doing a lot of reading!  I've started reading The Book Thief and I'm getting attached to characters and I can tell this isn't going to end well!  I'm also hoping to learn a new computer program for next semester so this should be fun!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Omg, I was awful at textiles! Your work looks so good though.

    Kirsty xx

    1. This is the first time I've had to do textiles stuff like this since I was probably 13 hahaha so happy with how it all turned out! :) Em xx

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thank you! I'm so proud of it all!!! Em xx

  3. This is so cool and really interesting! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh that's alright! And thank you!! :) Em xx


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