Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Instagram Diary | June

Ah June.  You were an interesting month.  There were the highest of highs and then there were the lowest of lows but that's life and you've just got to roll with it and take everything day by day!

~ Smiles for busy but good day ~ Tasmanian countryside ~ Coffee and blogging ~

 ~ #balls #smellyballs ~ Reflections at sunset ~ My textiles work ~

~ The Book Thief selfie ~ Celebratory maccas ~ Photobombing birds ~

~ Posted this for the couch ~ Shipping container homes ~ Hashtag so tan ~

~ Minions with Natalie and Kevin ~ Homecoming, The Book Thief ~ Time for a haircut ~

~ Fresh hair ~ Rainy days and colds ~ Bedroom inspiration ~

~ #LoveWins ~ Study nook love ~ Style inspo always, Eleanor Calder ~

I honestly so glad June is over.  I get my results for semester one in a couple of days time and then a few days after that I start semester two and I can't wait to be back at uni.  As much as I'll complain about university, it gives me structure and it keeps my mind occupied, and right now I want nothing more than to be back at uni!  We'll see how long this lasts though when I have to have 9am starts on a Monday hahaha

Hope your June has been amazing and here's to hoping that July is simply brilliant!  Don't forget you can always come and say hello at my Instagram - @emmadaisy___     ;)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. your pictures are so cool! (ps I have serious jacket envy haha) I will definitely be following you on there :) x

    1. Aww thank you! I know right??! I wish I had it in my wardrobe!! :) Em xx

  2. I love this post, such a cute idea!

    1. I love doing these each month :) Em xx

  3. I love your Instagram! Great post, these are my favourite kinds of posts!

    I've nominated you to do the 8 photos of happiness tag! Take a look here - http://goo.gl/RFCvSo :) xx

    Ellie | pinkieprim.co.uk

    1. Aww Ellie thank you! I'll check it out :) Em xx

  4. First, you are so pretty. Second, coffee! Third, I love how moody these pictures are. And fourth, I should sum up my months like that, too. So,when July's over, I think I'll do that as well.:)

    1. Aww goodness thank you!! I didn't intend to have such a moody month but kinda love it haha you so should! I love that I'll be able to look back on them :) Em xx


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