Saturday, 6 June 2015

Music On Repeat: Volume 2 - Reigan Derry

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the show X-Factor?  There have been some sizeable acts to come out of it, James Arthur, Little Mix, Olly Murs (hello birthday buddy) and One Direction from the UK version of the show and they’re doing quite well!  I’ve never watched the American version of the show and honestly couldn’t name anyone who was from the show.

As for the Australian version of X-Factor, there has only been a few acts that I regularly listen to, one being Taylor Henderson and the other being Reigan Derry.  Reigan was on the show last years and was my favourite right from the beginning and I was honestly quite upset when she didn’t get through to the final!

I only recently purchased her EP All of the Pieces and it’s been something that I have had on repeat!  There are five songs, the first being her single, All of the Pieces and the remaining four are some of the songs which she performed while on X-Factor; Dog Days Are Over, Only Girl (In the World), Stay With Me, and Hallelujah.  I get the tingles when I’m listening to this I’m just going to say, absolutely love all the songs!

All of the Pieces – Because Reigan didn’t get to the finals of the show you never got to hear her single so I was looking forward to hearing this very much!  It’s a beautiful song, with a beautiful message and what I also love about this and the music video is that she doesn’t sexualise anything.  That’s one thing that annoys me so much about the music industry these days, it’s like the music is forgotten and everything is just sexualised and it honestly ruins the music for me.

Dog Days Are Over – I’ll be honest, I had never listened to the original version of this song.  I knew of it, and knew that Florence had a killer voice and remember the comments on twitter and facebook saying that she has big shoes to fill if she wants to do a good job of the song.  Well she did a damn good job, and I’m pretty sure Australia agreed.  I also love that there is a harp, I just think that is brilliant and really wouldn’t mind learning how to play one myself.

Only Girl (In the World) – I prefer this to the original 100%, nothing against Rhianna but I just like this cover more!  In my head I’ve pictured how a music video would go to this song and it’s something which will never leave my head because, you know I don’t want anyone taking my brilliant idea haha yeah I’m just going to say that!

Stay With Me – I already adore this song, Sam Smith’s voice is just amazing and so was hesitant with how the song would turn out.  When she performed this song on the show it was just her voice and a piano and it was brilliant.  

Hallelujah – This is another song that I absolutely love.  It’s already such an amazing song and I have heard many covers (some amazing, some not so much) and I think Reigan sings this beautifully.  It’s one thing to make your own cover of the song, but I think it is so important to respect the original song, and I have nothing but praise for how Reigan has done this, it’s stunning.

I’ll leave a link to a playlist on YouTube here with her journey through X-Factor here so you can check them out if you’d like!  Let me know what you think!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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