Monday, 8 June 2015

SOTW Blogger Award

Little bit of a different post today!  The lovely Ellie from Pinkie Prim nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!  Thank you!!  I think these are great for the blogging community :)  you get to be introduced to more blogger and also you get to know everyone a little more!

Here are the questions from Ellie :)

Who is your style icon?  I love Emma Watson.  I think she is a total babe and would love to have a peek inside her wardrobe!  Her casual style I absolutely adore and wish I could pull of outfits as well as she can!  I also love Eleanor Calder, Taylor Swift and Victoria from Inthefrow!  Can I please have their wardrobes please!!

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?  So there are two time periods..  First would be to when I was born, except I'd like to just be invisible and see what I was like as a baby, how I grew up in my younger years before I started to form memories :) does that make sense haha?  I'd also love to go back to the 1900's or some time around that.  I love what they wore and how they spoke, kind of jealous haha also have you seen Tom Hiddleston in period costume? 

What would your dream house look like, and where would it be?  I have many types of dream homes haha being an interior design student, in my degree we're exposed to so many styles!  I have my 'dream home' from when I was little but now I think I'd like a Scandinavian styled loft apartment..  In some capital city, I'm not bothered where haha I love reading so there would have to be a room which was wall to wall, floor to ceiling covered in books.  But with a window seat hopefully looking out onto a nice sized garden!

Would you rather be given a free holiday or the equivalent to the price of the holiday in money?  I think oh goodness this one is harder than I thought.  Uhmmm I think I'd go on the free holiday..  I've never been the 'go on holiday' type person so would gladly jump at the chance!

When was the last time you went on a shopping spree?  Define shopping spree eheheheh I don't go on massive shopping sprees, just buy things here and there!  Also I have been flat out with uni so haven't really had the chance to do any shopping!

If you could spend a day with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?  Okay we are going to mention Tom Hiddleston twice in the one post.  He is just the type of person I'd love to just talk with over a cup or tea, think he would be an amazing person to hold a conversation with!

What are 3 things you would most like to do before you die?  Can I mention Tom Hiddleston again? Nar better not ahaha!  One - would love to go skydiving.  Two - Go to a recording of The Graham Norton Show, or be on the comfy couch!!  Three - Anything with my family and closest friends.

What are your biggest pet peeves?  Funny this question is because I have wanted to do a blog post on this but thought it might annoy people haha but loud eaters, and in particularly loud eaters who know they are loud eaters and eat loudly just to annoy people who don't like loud eaters.  That's probably my biggest. I could go on but I won't!

What do you buy from the ice cream van?  I remember that last time an ice cream van went past my place, it was over five years ago..  Was in the middle of summer and was incredibly hot and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to stay outside and ride my bike while I waited for it to come back down the street.  Then when it finally came back, there were basically no ice creams left and I ended up having an icy pole, which I usually like, except when they told me it would cost be $5...  Not a happy Emma, I can tell you that!  Moving on though!  Can you buy magnums in ice cream vans?  Because if you could that would be my choice!

Who makes you smile the most?  Easy.  My family and friends :)  my best friend Alannah, even though we live in different states and haven't seen each other since last year (insert sad music and crying) our conversations make me smile and even though I sometimes feel like crying, there are lots of happy tears and tears of laughter haha :)  and we're going to mention Tom Hiddleston again.  He makes me smile #sorrynotsorry

I would like to nominate:

My questions are:

1)  If you could go on any tv show, which would it be and why?
2)  What is your favourite warm drink?
3)  What is your guilty pleasure?
4)  How do you want to spend your next birthday?
5)  What are five things you cannot live without?
6)  What superpower would you want to have any why?
7)  Where do you want your blog to be by the end of the year?
8)  If you could be given any car, what type would it be?
9)  What had been your worst hair experience?
10)  What is the best piece of advice you've been given?

Please go and check out the blogs I've nominated above, they really are lovely blogs!  Also you can, if you'd like, answer some of the questions in the comments!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Aw, I've never seen before this award. Looks nice!

    1. I'd never heard of it before either! You can answer the questions as well if you want :) Em xx

  2. Loved reading this, great answers! Completely agree with the first one & the loud eaters one! You certainly love Tom Hiddleston haha! :) xx

    1. Thank you for nominating me in the first place :) loved answering your questions! Em xx


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