Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Easy 4 Ingredient Lunch!!

For a few days of the week I am at home and not at university and no one wants to have toast or two minute noodles for lunch all the time!  Ages ago I would be perfectly happy to eat foods like this but more recently I've wanted something which is more substantial and also more tasty!

I'm not the type of person who loves fancy meals (probably because I can't cook them hahaha) and love to eat something which is simple and easy to prepare and cook!  What I made for lunch is definitely simple and easy to make and there are only 4 main ingredients!

One boiled egg, tomato, mushrooms and some couscous and there you have my lunch!  All day I had been thinking of making a couscous salad, it's something I want to make for a while but ended up with this!

In a little pot I put in a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and then half a cup of couscous.  Next I stirred this together and then put in half a cup of boiling water, gave it another little mix and popped the lid on and wrapped the pot with a tea towel.  In a small saucepan I cooked one egg, kindly given to use from our chooks!  I let the water come to the boil, let the bubbles reduce and then let that cook for about 5 minutes.  And in a pan I used a little bit of olive oil and simply cooked off a tomato and mushrooms which I had previously cut up.

When the couscous was done, I put in a little bit of butter and fluffed it up with a fork and it was ready to eat!  Once the egg shell had been removed, everything was then put into a bowl and photos were taken haha

I can't remember how long it took to prepare and cook but it wasn't that long and high skill levels aren't required which is perfect for me!  When I got to eating it I loved it!  I love tomatoes and mushrooms (two of my favourite foods) and won't say no to couscous or eggs so this was a great lunch for me!

Let me know what you've been loving to have for lunch!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. This looks yummy! I love mushrooms- great post x

  2. great post. Looks yummy! will have to try this as I love cooking simple dishes. Gemma

    1. It's super easy to make! Hope you like it! Em xx

  3. The post is really interesting! I love your blog:)


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