Saturday, 18 July 2015

My First Week Back At Uni!

I was hoping that this semester would start with no worries, no problems and that everything would go smoothly and as planned.  That all my units would be fine and there would be no technical difficulties....  Is that asking too much??  Sadly a lot didn't go to plan and oh it wasn't a smooth week!

I already knew my week would be busy.  One, my classes for uni were starting again and I also had music rehearsals towards the end of the week.  And instead of only going to the afternoon rehearsals I would be going all day and helping out with the younger kids.

My Monday class went as I excepted it too.  We did the stereotypical 'get to know you' games all of which I have had to do every year for every unit since I've been at uni!  They're good when you don't actually know anyone but when you're with the same group of people again and again I think a different set of ice breaker questions are in order!  I did however get to promote my blog haha one of the questions was whether anyone had a blog and there was only one other girl on the class other than me who had a blog! 

I did have a problem with MyLO, the online learning system UTAS uses..  None of my units were showing up, even though I was enrolled.  But after a phone call to the computer tech people, and me realising that I needed to click 'student' instead of 'all roles' my units were there and I could print out documents and get started!  Being organised right from the start isn't going to hurt and it will all be worth it!

On Wednesday, I had music with the younger kids and we all froze while we waited for the doors to be unlocked!  I feel incredibly old around the kids but it's a lot of fun to tutor them and help them with they're playing.  Even though they do tend to get side tracked often and I find myself thinking how glad I am that I never went and studied to be a teacher!

I left music early because I wanted to get to uni well before my class started.  I didn't quite know where the classroom was and didn't want to be the person who was late to class because she was lost!  The hours after I got to uni that afternoon were some of the most stressful!  I thought my class started at 1pm...  No one turned up when 1pm rolled around so I checked my timetable - oh look at that the class starts at 2pm!  So I waited an hour and did some work for my furniture unit and coloured in a drawing I had been working on.

2pm came and only one other person had walked into the classroom and I was thinking what on earth is happening??  I double checked with a lady that this was in fact the right classroom, and after more waiting another girl walked in and she was also meant to be in the same class as me.  We soon found out that the class wasn't running anymore; that not enough people had signed up for it.  Apparently an email had gone out but I never got one and now I'm sitting there freaking out because I needed to find another advanced elective!

I have to honestly thank the lady that was in the classroom at the time - she was so helpful and could see I was about to have a ah lets say moment haha she'd given me a timetable of all the units that were happening that week and another sheet of paper which listed every unit available!  I could have hugged her!

What worried me the most was that it was already Wednesday and I had missed out on three possible days to be in class.  There was a class on Thursday afternoon which would have been similar to the class I had been enrolled in but it annoyingly clashed with another unit so that was out of the picture.  I ended up deciding to try a class called The Printed Image and would try and enrol in that when I got home and just rock up to the class on Friday morning and explain to the teacher my situation.

Well.  You'd thinking un-enroling and then enrolling in a unit would be a piece of cake...?  I still have no clue how to work the system so sent a frantic email to a lady asking for her help!  Fast forward to Thursday morning and I was enrolled and spent the rest of my day at music!

On Friday morning, I walked from town to uni.  I could have caught the bus but I'm trying to be healthy so I walked!  My toes were numb and I couldn't feel my nose it was that cold!!  And when I went to warm up my hands I fogged up my sunglasses!

My class though was brilliant!  I think I'll do a separate post on what we actually did but I think it's a blessing in disguise that my other class got cancelled!  My teacher is awesome - he actually took me for photography for a while when I was in college so I am extremely happy to have him as a teacher again!  There is also less than ten students in the class as well!  I personally really love this because you're able to spend more time with the teacher and get a better understanding of what you're meant to do in the class!

I am honestly so excited for the rest of this semester and I don't think I've ever been this excited for uni!  If there is a lack of posts I do truly apologise and will upload one when I can!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Beautiful post,dear!!! Amazing blog! Welcome

  2. It's always interesting to see how uni stuff works in different countries. And to know that not only the Polish unis are so problematic. I just found out the people responsible for that filled my documents with a wrong place of birth and I need to let them know cause otherwise I'll have it on my diploma as well and I'd much rather avoid that as it may cause some problems. Anyway, back to your post - I am glad that all in all the class you were able to enroll in is a good one, it's super important to feel cool at uni/ school etc. And I actually love the first picture. :)

    1. Uni is such an emotional rollercoaster haha can be so stressful at times! And thank you!! Hoping this semester will be amazing! Hope you're well! :) Em xx

  3. I can't believe you're back to uni so early! I still can't get my head around how Australia gets cold. It seems such a bizarre concept!

    Kirsty xx

    1. Yeah starting the second semester! There are parts of Australia which are warm all year round haha Em xx


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