Tuesday, 25 August 2015

LUSH Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb!

Earlier this year in May I turned 22 and one of the presents I received was a LUSH Bath Bomb!  There isn't a LUSH shop in my city and the closest one is around two hours away so I was so excited when I opened the little parcel and saw that there was a LUSH product in there!  *I may have screamed when I saw the packaging.....*

So I got the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb and it smelt amazing!  I'm not the type of person to have baths that often and my friend said it smelt nice so I could pop it on my desk and I could work with a pretty floral smell around me!  I did this for quite some time but felt like I was wasting it so decided to take the plunge and join the #LushLife !!  Seriously why didn't I do this sooner??!?!

I had seen photos of what it would look like online and was not disappointed when I opened the package!  I thought it looked really cute and loved all the little rose buds!  It smelt even more amazing out of the little paper parcel and had to show it to mum I was that excited haha 

I had when I first received the bath bomb had a little look on the website to see what LUSH said about it:
Weaves a magic love spell with a scent of precious rose and orris root. The fragrant rose is surrounded with mystery and legend: it is said to have come from the Great Garden of ancient Persia; and Cleopatra is rumoured to have seduced Anthony with it. Rose perfume is said to ease tension and stress and to give people happy, positive feelings. You'll smell the real rose absolute in Tisty Tosty as soon as it hits the water. Give one away to someone you love and use one on yourself. Either way, the Tisty Tosty works its magic spell.

I was excited!  Sounded like the perfect solution for when you just want to have a relaxing bath!  I was torn between taking photos of when I put it in the bath because I didn't want to miss out on anything haha I also didn't realise how long it took to fill up our bath!  Probably why I had showers over baths!

I thought the scent intensified further and the bathroom smelt like a rose garden!  I loved it!  It was a gentle fizzle and the bomb dissolved nicely and I loved seeing the rose petals and buds floating around in the tub!  The colour of the water didn't really change but when I got in the water was so soft and milky and my skin felt amazing!  Literally so smooth!

If you want a bath bomb where you can just want to relax this one is amazing!  The smell is delicate and not too overpowering and my skin felt amazing afterwards!

What is your favourite bath bomb from LUSH?  I would do the two hour journey to go the LUSH store which is in Hobart!
Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. I do love lush bath bombs, haven't yet tried this one though! My favourite lush products are there bubble bars as you can use them multiple times, I love the flavour the comforter!


    1. It's such a good one if you want to have just a relaxing bath!! I need to get my hands on more LUSH products! Thanks for your suggestion! Em xx

  2. I tried it once and loved the scent, but cleaning the rosebuds out of the tub afterwards was a pain in the b*tt.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I put a strainer in when I was emptying the bath hahah Em xx


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