Monday, 7 September 2015


I swear Tasmania just does not want to cooperate with the seasons.  Where is the spring sunshine?!??!  It was here yesterday and it was beautiful and now it's gone!  Bothersome clouds haha

But spring is here in Australia and this means warmer weather is on the say and summer will be around soon and then Christmas...  There are already Christmas decorations popping up in stores and I'm walking around going "we've just entered September!"  I don't start decorating for Christmas until December rolls around but I've seen people start planning how they're going to decorate their house - they've got a serious game plan on for Christmas!

It was Father's Day yesterday and my family went out to breakfast and it was really nice!  We went to our usual place, Ingleside Bakery Cafe and we luckily got a table by the open fire which was amazing!  I do love a wood fire and I won't say no to sitting by one and having a delicious breakfast!

I usually get the same thing each time I go there but opted for something different and boy and I glad I picked something different!  It was DELICIOUS!  My breakfast included a sourdough bread with garlic butter, spinach and topped with two field mushrooms, two eggs and some melted cheese over the top!  There was a little salad as well which has the nicest dressing and I also got some bacon as extra because I do love me some bacon!  I also got a hot chocolate because they do an AMAZING hot chocolate!

My family didn't do any presents for Father's Day, something which other families find weird but it's just how our family goes!  We've never really placed a heap of emphasis on presents and gifts when it's birthdays and Christmas and it's one of the best things!  So many people become greedy around days of celebration and I feel like the world sometimes forgets that it's not about how many presents you got!

I'm hoping the warm weather will make an appearance soon because it's raining and even though I love the rain I would like some sunshine!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x
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  1. unfortunately summer is ending here but it's still really warm. the food looks great!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Come to Australia haha going to be so nice and warm soon! Em xx


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