Thursday, 15 October 2015

One Down - One To Go!

Ah my goodness.  I have 15 days of semester left for this year.  15 days.

I handed my furniture assignment in on Monday and was able to hand it in hours before it was due which is a real achievement for me.  Time management usually isn't my strong point, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I'll always want to have everything 100% before I move on.  This time, for this furniture assignment, I made so many lists of what I needed to do to keep me on track and it helped so much!  I also think starting my assignment early also played a key role haha!

I'd written down where I wanted to be by Friday afternoon and around midday on Thursday saw I was actually a day ahead of where I wanted to be at and it was such a good feeling!  All my drawings were done and all that was left was to scan them and put them in a document and type in all the annotations I'd previously written up.  And after that all I needed to do was write about sustainability and finish my furniture schedule.

By Sunday afternoon the entire assignment was finished and for the first time in I don't know how many nights, I had a nice long relaxing sleep!

Now all that's left is my art folio which I am not looking forward too!  I've got to finish a 500 word technical statement about an artist I've chosen to look further into and I've already done over half of that which is good!  I'm a little worried about the practical stuff for it, as I'm not too confident with my concept but I did come up with another idea last night so if my original doesn't work out I've always got up a back up plan!

I also need to do journal work.  Still.  I went 100% with furniture so my journal has been vacant for a while and I need to give that a little bit of attention!  Can we also just appreciate my two attempts at a silk screen print.  Left side:  YES!  Right side:  NOOOOO!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. Good luck on your last assignment! I bet you will do well :) Planning things ahead and starting them from the first moment rather than waiting till last minute help a lot! I learned this a hard way, haha :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. All through uni apart from this year my time management was terrible! This year I've planned so hard haha I've still gotten stressed and that but at least it isn't me stressing because I've left an assignment to the last minute! Em xx

  2. You're doing so much more theoretical stuff! I'm actually kind of jealous, I wish we were able to do more artistic stuff like silk screens!
    I have an assignment due this week on interior details for walls, floors, stairs and doors... it's not nearly as exciting haha!

    Push through it, you're almost there!! :)

    1. I get so torn between liking practical and theory stuff! Next year it's going to be a good mix between practical and technical stuff but I've heard it's hell so bit hesitant about it haha! Good luck with your assignment! Hope you do well! Em xx

  3. Is there anything better than the end of the semester? I'm halfway through mine, but I'm just finishing one 8 week class this weekend and I'm so relieved..even though I have another one starting up, but it's an art class so it's a little more interesting. Great post!!
    The Rad Wife

    1. I am SO looking forward to semester coming to a close! All the art units I've done have been my absolute favourites! They're so much more relaxed compared to being in the archi school! Em xx


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