Wednesday, 18 November 2015

For Ben - Happy Birthday


You were an extremely loyal and fierce friend.

You kept me on my toes all those years at music and I owe a lot to you.  I've grown up alongside you playing clarinet, right from when we were in primary school and up to our last years of college.  Anytime I hear the music from The Lord of The Rings, you're always going to spring to mind.  That dance we made up in the music summer school, we really should have gone to a talent show with that!

You were the type of person who knew exactly what someone needed.  Whether it was a hug, someone to vent or have a rant with, or even leave the music rooms minutes before rehearsals started to go and get a popcorn chicken snackbox from KFC!  You were always there, a phone call or message away and you would do anything in your power to make people smile and laugh.

The story of Walter the Watermelon will always be one of my favourite memories with you.  Even though I probably freaked mum out when I showed her the knife with a massive watermelon attached to the end of it...  I can safely say that my watermelon cutting up skills have improved since that day!

I'm going to miss your cheekiness.  Your laugh, smile, everything.

Today is your 21st birthday.  

Happy Birthday Ben <3


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