Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Melbourne Holiday: Up in the sky & getting reacquainted with Melbourne

At the start of December I went on a little holiday to Melbourne with a friend from university.  This little holiday had been a long time in the making and was essentially revolving around us going to the Ed Sheeran concert!  I don't really go on holidays and the only time I'd go to Melbourne would be for music competitions so I was super excited!

We left Tassie in the mid-afternoon and I was happy that I scored the window seat on the plane!  I have nothing wrong with sitting in the middle seat, or the isle seat but I just love watching the world go by and the view is just amazing.  It really puts a lot of things into perspective and does make you feel incredibly tiny in the whole scheme of things!

When we landed in Melbourne, we had planned on grabbing our suitcase and buying some sushi as we were both a bit hungry having not eaten for a couple of hours, but we ended up just getting our suitcase and going to the SkyBus which would take us closer to Melbourne.  We were lucky and got a double decker bus and we say up top!  I'm glad I said to not sit right at the front because the guys in front of us said it made them feel pretty sick!!  We were dropped off at a transit place, where we then had to catch another bus to our hotel.  I'm not the strongest person and our driver was really helpful and helped me with the suitcase both getting on and off the bus!  It was so nice to be back in Melbourne and see new and familiar places!  I could definitely live there!

We were dropped off at where we'd be staying for the next couple of days, City Edge Apartments North Melbourne, and again I was helped by a kind gentleman with carrying my suitcase up the stairs!  We grabbed our key and quickly found our room.  It was on the ground floor looking onto little street that didn't look busy and was a spacious enough for us both to be comfortable for the trip!  After unpacking a few things and having a peek around the room we decided to go for a walk around Melbourne.

I ended up taking us in the wrong way (whoops, we just went on the scenic version) and when we actually got to where we initially wanted to go, I was extremely jealous with what I saw.  There were so many shops which Launceston and Tasmania doesn't have!  Countless little boutiques and home ware stores, oh it was amazing!  I'd been told by a family friend to make sure I visited the Emporium and Melbourne's GPO (an old post office bulding and oh my goodness.  I was just chuffed that I got to walk past an actual Chanel store!  We grabbed some sushi and decided to navigate our way through the massive building by going to the top floor and have a look around and then go down a floor and do the same until we had been on every floor.  We saw a little store for Adriano Zumbo who is an incredible (and I mean INCREDIBLE!) chef and patisserie and we knew we were going to have to come back and buy a treat!

I am always looking online to see what H&M have and it was like a dream to go to one of their stores and it was massive!  And also pretty packed with shoppers!  I wish we didn't have a luggage weight restriction because I would have purchased a few things!  As much as I loved seeing all the clothes I spent a lot of time upstairs look at the home wares and again, I could have bought so much!!

And can we just talk about the makeup selection that is in Melbourne.  Oh my goodness.  I was like a kid in a candy shop!  Seeing products which bloggers and vloggers have spoken about, and seeing how good they were for myself.  I'm pretty happy with my restraint because I'll say it again, I could have bought so much!  The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is one of the most stunning products I have ever laid on!  Both the packing and the product - I was in love!  Made one of the ladies who worked there laugh because I was just looking around in awe!  I very nearly caved when I went to Mac.  I've wanted to get something from Mac for such a long time and saw so many products which I wish I could have bought!  I settled for taking a photo haha such restraint!

So this was part of my first day in Melbourne!  I'll be having more posts up soon on the rest of this little holidays so I hope you'll look forward reading them!

Have you ever been to Melbourne?  Let me know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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