Saturday, 9 January 2016

Melbourne Holiday: Saturday Morning Exploring & Adriano Zumbo Macarons!

Saturday was a pretty exciting day for our little Melbourne holiday!  We had the Ed Sheeran concert in the evening so we both wanted to have a chill morning and before the excitement of the concert!

We had breakfast at Muleta's Cafe which was a short walk from where we were staying and opted to sit outside and do some people and car watching.  Some of the cars that went past....  Oh my goodness, there were some sweet rides!  The market was right by us so after we had breakfast we decided to have a look around there.

I've been to the markets quite a few times but it was still nice to have a look around to see what people are selling.  We walked through the food/produce part of the markets and that was definitely an experience.  People shouting at you asking you if you want pork or lamb and others trying you to buy their tuna and I'm going 'walk out of here as quickly as possible because I am not liking this smell at all'!  I'm weird when it come to food and probably should be a vegetarian.  I don't do the whole seeing meat hanging up and most times I am fine with eating meat but yeah it's quite contradicting.  I definitely prefer walking through isles of fruit and vegetables!

Something I wish we had done was go to one of the stalls where they were doing caricature drawings!  The ones they had pinned up looked awesome and I saw the guy actually completing one of a couple and I am regretting not getting one done!  They only took 20 minutes and would have been such a cool thing to have!  Next time this is a must!

When we had been through the markets we made our way more into town.  I strongly regret not getting more baggage allowance (and also not having a bottomless pit of money) because goodness once again I could have gone on a massive shopping spree!  I am also going to be doing a separate post on what I did buy, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Now I don't have a Lush store in the city where I live (much sad face) so when I saw one, I went in and I want to go back!  The staff were amazing and I wanted to buy everything!  Only thing which sucked was that all the scents of all the products were coming together and creating a pretty strong fragrance and my nose and head couldn't deal with it so I wasn't able to stay in there for as long as I wanted :( (more sad face)

One place we both really wanted to go back to was the Adriano Zumbo store we had seen on our first day!  His macarons are legendary I'm going to say.  He'll make flavour combinations for these delicious sweet treats which seem crazy and weird but they work!  You should just take a minute to Google him and see what he's created - he is a genius!  I was super boring and ended up getting a nutella one and I can't quite remember which one Natalie got, might have been salted caramel but we can both report that they tasted delicious!  I've had maracons from McDonalds before they nothing on Zumbo macarons!

I knew that a Sephora had just opened in the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre and seeing as there isn't a Sephora in Tasmania, we both wanted to check it out!  The line to get into Sephora was LONG.  I heard that people had been waiting for quite a few hours so the decision was made that we wouldn't go in and have a look and maybe a buy a few things!  I did have a look around MAC Cosmetics and I may or may not have bought something something!  And now all I want to do is go back and purchase more things!

Next post is going to be about the Ed Sheeran concert!!!  So if you like Ed Sheeran, have a look out for that one!  And I will have a post on what I purchased up soon as well!  Let me know if you want me to do a little outfit type post on what I wore each day!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. AAA Can't wait for the next post! thanks for sharing, you have such a beautiful blog. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Aww thank you! Going to try and have the next one up tomorrow! Em xx

  2. Such great pictures and I would love to see the ones you took from the Ed Sheeran concert! :) xx

    1. Thank you!! Ed Sheeran concert post will be up sometime tomorrow! Em xx

  3. Ooooh looks like a lovely time! I just did a Lush haul recently too xx

    1. I love Melbourne can't wait to go back! I'll check it out now!! Em xx


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