Tuesday, 19 January 2016

That One Time I Crashed A Spaceship

Ok before anyone thinks I've managed to get up to space and crash and actual spaceship let me explain!

You may or may not know, but I play the clarinet and this is my 13th year of playing!  For the past 10 years around the start of January (normally while it is stinking hot) there has been a performing arts summer school and for the last few years I've been lucky enough to be a tutor which I have absolutely loved.

The week is pretty full on and I am normally buggered by the end of the first day!  I was a bit absent from social media the other week - I'd have a full day of music, come home, exercise and eat, sleep!  Being a tutor allowed me to work with the younger players during the day and then after lunch I'd go and play with the symphonic people.  This year I got to work with kids who had been playing for less then a year and they were so lovely!  I worked with the clarinets as that is my best instrument and goodness they were the sweetest kids!  They asked questions and didn't interrupt while you were explaining - they were amazing!

One of the pieces they were playing was called Teachers From Outer Space and this required four of the tutors to do some acting.  There was one reporter and 3 teachers from outer space and I landed the coveted role of teacher from outer space 1!  My lines were quite easy to learn as I didn't really have that many but I think I scored the best part!  I was responsible for the spaceship crashing as well which goes pretty well with my actual self!  Driving isn't my strong point, but I've never crashed a car or anything!!!  There were some cracking jokes, most of which the little kids didn't understand but when we went through it in rehearsals and they loved it!

The day of the concert, myself and the two other ladies who would be teachers raided the costume and props department and we struck gold!  One of the parents had brought in this bright red bob cut wig for me to wear and paired with what we found with props and costumes we looks AMAZING!  Gold and feathers and halos and a weird jacket with spoons sewn onto them and matching sunglasses - we looked fabulous.

Because there wasn't enough space for everyone to sit and watch the actual concert, we had a little matinee one where we'd be able to see the vocal ensemble and everyone else would be able to see Teachers From Outer Space.  Even though I'm not the most outgoing person around I had so much fun!  Everyone got the jokes and I'm honestly waiting to find a video online of it...  That's actually a little scary.  So many people had their phone up while we were up there!

The concert itself went really well!  I was so proud of the little kids and can't wait to see what they get up to this year!  Our performance again for Teacher From Outer Space I loved!  We ended up putting makeup on terribly as well...  Bright pink lipstick to clash with my red hair, red and orange lip crayons as contour - we were stylish!  When we went to change and make ourselves look presentable for the rest of the performances, Alex, who played the reporter said one of his friends was there and it was already making the rounds on Snapchat...  Oh the joys of the internet and social media!

I was buggered when the Symphonic Band finished playing.  We were right at the end and I also had to play with the intermediate group so composers hardly like to give clarinet players a break!  Also the hall was a bit hot inside so that didn't help anything!  We all joked that I would be retiring from music and starting my new career in acting - Tom Hiddleston here I come!!!

As much as my lips hurt by the end of the week I absolutely had an amazing time!  Music and clarinet will always be one of my passions and I am looking forward to whatever we get up to in music this year!  Going to be a busy year ahead but I am keen!

Anyone else crashed a spaceship?  Would be nice to know that I'm not along hahaah ;)

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

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