Monday, 29 February 2016

February Instagram Diary & Roundup

It's the last day of summer and it's cold.  So very cold.  I'm glad I put a pair of cropped jeans on this morning because if I was wearing shorts I would have gone into town and bought something warmer!  I get I live in Tasmania and it's not the warmest place on the planet but come on!!  If it's this cold now I am expecting snow this year, again!  And snow that I actually get to experience myself, not seeing other people having fun in the snow while I'm sitting in class at uni missing out on it all :(

The weeks leading up to me starting uni again went through quite quickly.  I'm back for my second week and I am exhausted!  I only have to technically go into uni three times a week for my classes but last week I was in everyday apart from Tuesday and my weekend was super busy so I feel like I'm in need of a catch up for rest and relaxation!  I know the rest of the semester and the rest of the year is going to be the exact same and the intensity of it all will increase but I'd much rather that than being bored!

Going back to uni last year was interesting.  We'd been sent an email the Friday before class saying we'd be going on a site visit and I wore thongs (flip flops) into town and had a freak out that the site visit meant that we'd be visit a construction site.  So I searched around town for a pair of canvas shoes that would go with what I was wearing and finally found a pair only to find out that our site visit was to the Albert Hall - a building which is far from a construction site and so I didn't really need to buy a new pair of shoes!

My first assignment for my studio class is a group one and because the interior students are a minority here, we all had to stand up and go to the front of the lecture room, introduce ourselves and then write out names down on a sheet of paper where the architect students would then write their name under whoever they wanted to work with.  It honestly felt like being back at primary school where you'd be in a sports class and team captains had to pick who they wanted on their team and you'd be hoping you wouldn't be standing there last with no one wanting you on their team....  I was lucky where the other three remaining spots under my name were filled up quite quickly!  However, I had no clue who anyone was in my group so I had no idea who I was meant to meet up with later on.  My team, when we did all find each other and introduce ourselves, is amazing.  It can really suck when you get put into a group and you just know the team isn't going to work well together, but I can happily say our team is awesome!  We met up twice again to collaborate and discuss ideas for the assignment and so far it's going really well!

On Friday I had my other class and I nearly had a breakdown in the tutorial session.  Firstly, you can imagine the chaos with over 70 students trying to print out a heap of papers...  That was fun.  Then having to make up our own groups, so much fun.  And then the actual work we had to do in the tutorial session, I felt like crying!  I was pretty good at maths when I was at high school and college, I wasn't the best but I knew what I was doing.  And while others got a hold of everything quickly, it took me more time to fully understand everything, and with me not having to do maths since college I kind of forgot about this.  We had to calculate the Daylight Factor and had a formula to use, and all we needed to do was put the value in place of the letter in the equation.  Simple.  There were other parts where you needed to so extra equations to work out the value but do you think I could grasp what I needed to do?  Nope!  So I was getting frazzled and freaking out that I'd fail.  Best reaction ever.  The two girls in my group though were absolutely amazing!  And I owe them a coffee!

Funny thing was when I got home and went through the equations, I understood everything completely and was able to go through all the questions again with no problems!  I have some written questions to finish off and will then do a little bit of reading to understand what we'll be dealing with in the next class!

I still can't get my head around the fact that it is my last year at uni!  Like what am I meant to do next year?  Travel?  Work?  Go back to school?  Sleep?  Definitely going to catch up on sleep!  Growing up, you never really expect school to stop, and I was one of the people who enjoyed going to school so finishing this degree is going to be emotional and also weird!

I think I went a little quiet on Instagram this month, just a little.  I was that person who goes back to uni for one day and gets a cold.  Just what you want to start the semester off!  And priorities of posting on Instagram goes out the window when you're sick and the best thing for you to do is not see the amazing lives people are having and to just sleeeeeeep!!

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As much as I love publishing posts on here, with it being my final year at uni that has to come first.  I won't be neglecting my blog because I am the queen of procrastination!  A lot of my future posts will probably revolve around uni, me ranting about people or complaining of lack of sleep!  But there will definitely be non uni related content so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Inspiration Board

This has been a long time coming, but finally I have updated my Inspiration Board!  Last year, I published a post, showing the current state of my wonky cork board and some inspirations, and it has taken me way too long to get my act into gear to freshen it up!  But now I am finally happy to say that my cork board is as wonky as ever but with a brand new look!

Unlike last time where I had a combination of my own photos and ones I'd found online, there are only a few things pinned up on the cork board that are actually mine.  A favourite piece of music I've played, little starburst drawings I'd done once, a coil weave which I'd made at uni and just a written thing on pen thicknesses which I look back at heavily for uni.  I also have a crucifix which I've have all my life and was a gift from my grandparents and the "keep calm and carry on" wooden plaque which my best friend had given me as a birthday present!  Other than those, the rest of what is pinned up was sourced from the wonderful internet.  Because lets be honest, how exactly would I have photos of Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans in my personal possession?!

This time for my board, I really wanted images that inspired me.  It's not called an inspiration board for nothing!  I personally love working with a view, and being able to look up and seeing a board full of inspiration is just perfect for me.  Yes Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans are inspiring.  I have a few design related images, some travel ones, flowers (because I do love me some flowers), generally cute little photos and quotes which I love.

I actually had everything I wanted and needed for this cork board sitting in my room for ages and it was the afternoon before I started uni that I actually thought that it might be a good time to get it all pinned up and sorted!  Good old Emma for her superb time management skills!

I found that I was a lot more picky with how I placed everything and at the beginning of the process, I was pinning everything down with the cork board on my bed but ended up hanging my cork board back up on the wall so I could see how it looked in it's surroundings!  I'm probably going to add more stuff to it later on but for now I just love how it looks!

I love that I now have a board which inspires me both in my personal life but also with my uni life.  I'm about to start my second week back at uni and the first was hectic enough haha and it was so nice to look up and some comfort and inspiration to get me back on track!

And now I must do some more sketches otherwise my other group members won't be too happy with me!  And probably grab a snack because I'm a bit peckish!

What do you think of my new board?  Do you have anything similar?! 

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Monday, 22 February 2016

My Last First Day At Uni

Last first day.  That's just crazy.  One of my friends actually said this when she started year 12 at college this year and today I got to say it.  I've started my final year at university and I'm ready for a nap and then to get cracking on the new assignments!

My day started pretty early, I woke up to my alarm going off a bit after 6am but I didn't get out of bed for a while later haha!  I'd prepared my bag and everything I needed but didn't think to have a look at what I'd wear.  I've been so used to being in my pjs and just comfortable clothes really!  I didn't know whether to wear jeans or shorts and then I couldn't find a top I had wanted to wear!  It was just a mess!  Breakfast was a coffee/mocha type drink and then two slices of toast and a boiled egg.  I don't think having a boiled egg for breakfast on a uni day will be a regular thing, just because of time and I'm already waking up early enough!  Was delicious, but I think I'll have overnight oats or some toast with vegemite!

Leaving home, it started to rain.  And I was wearing shorts and thongs (flip flops) and also hadn't thought of bringing an umbrella.  Getting wet from the rain isn't really a bother for me but thongs and wet feet is not ideal!  I had a little freak out when I was in town and was looking at emails and saw that we were scheduled to go on a site visit during our tutorial session.  From previous experiences, wearing thongs to a site visit won't get you anywhere and you'll end up missing out so I set off to look for some enclosed footwear!

And boy was this an eventful hour or so!  I've been blessed with feet that are on the long side and trying to find a pair of shoes that went with what I was wearing was a pain!  People with small feet you have it so easy sometimes!  In the end, and after nearly rolling my ankle walking into Cotton On, I picked up a white pair of the Jade Plimsole's and also grabbed a pair of sockettes!

My bag was now quite full, with the addition of my thongs and it looked as though it was about to start raining again so I caught the bus in.  Good case of it would have been quicker to walk in because the bus went on a loop and then went back to where it started and then got to the stop I needed to get off at!  It was interesting walking back into uni.  My phone connected to the schools wifi and I saw some people I recognised, it was nice!

At this point I still had around an hour to go until my lecture, so I went up to the computer lab to see if anything had been uploaded on MyLO, our online learning system.  In the lab I saw one of my friends, who I hadn't seen since the previous semester so it was nice to catch up!

Everything got scary when we were in the lecture theatre.  I only knew the interior girls and 99% of the architecture students I had never seen before and for me I felt like the new girl.  Also when we were told the weighting of the assignments, I think everyone was shocked!  Our first assignment is worth 20% of our grades and the second assignment is worth a whopping 80%.  80%!  Oh boy.  I can just tell it's going to be a massive, extremely massive assignment!  Our first assignment is also a group project one which is going to be interesting.  It's always a gamble with group assignments, because you don't know how everything is going to pan out.  You don't want one person doing all the work and everyone else benefiting from their hard work!  However, the three other students in my team seem really awesome and we've already planned days where we'll go into uni to work on the assignment so I'm hoping it'll all go smoothly!

After the lecture, we went on our site visit.  We ended up going to Albert Hall, which was a short walk from uni and I realised I didn't actually need to buy the shoes......  The Albert Hall is such a stunning building and it's going to be interesting to see how our assignments will turn out in the hall.  Going to be a lot of hard work but I'm looking forward to it!

I'm now home and I've downloaded documents which I'll print out and read tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to seeing what this semester brings and ready (mostly) to face all the challenges that might pop up during the semester!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Night Before Semester 1

Twas the night before semester 1 and instead of preparing for the next day, Emma was sitting on her bed listening to Ellie Goulding and writing this and other blog posts.  Classic Emma.

If you read my last post, Pre-Uni Nerves which you can see here, you'd know that I was on the fence with how I feel about going back to uni.  I think now that it's the night before, I'm just a nervous excited haha it'll be nice to see some familiar faces and really have some structure back in my life.  Although I know I'll get annoyed with having to wake up at the crack of dawn!  Sleeping patterns are going to be interesting!

I went to Officeworks earlier today and was pretty good at not breaking the bank but had to laugh when I saw a past uni tutor of mine.  Seeing her as well as picking up some last minute supplies, I don't know, it cemented in my mind that I was going back to uni and that really I was happy to be doing so.

I would really love to do some uni related posts in near future.  My uni essentials, my experiences and what I've learnt during my years at uni, a uni related Q&A if anyone had any questions!  Please let me know what you think and whether you'd like to see these posts!

I do have to say in advance that I apologise if it gets quiet here and you don't see any posts for a period of time.  As much as I love blogging, it's only a hobby and from tomorrow onwards, for the next 13 or so weeks, uni will be a main priority.  I will still be posting though don't worry!

I can smell some roast potatoes and they smell delicious and that must mean that tea is nearly done!  And really I should probably start to get stuff ready for tomorrow so I'm not rushing around in the morning!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Monday, 15 February 2016

Pre-Uni Nerves

It occurred to me this morning that this time next week I'll be back at uni.  I'll be either sitting in a lecture theatre or I'll be in a tutorial already working on the first assignment.  And it's probably going to be stinking hot.

I'm about to start my final year at uni and I'm on the fence with how I feel about it.

To be honest, I am bored of being on holidays and am looking forward to having more structure in my life.  But on the flip side I'm, and I don't know how else to word this at the moment, shitting myself about going back to uni.  Each year uni steps up a notch and you never really know what to expect.  I've had friends who have graduated and I remember what final year was like for them and I'm terrified.

I'm scared that I'm going to mess up terribly and everything will just crash and burn.  Not literally but you get what I mean!  My time at uni has been an interesting one.  There have been ups and there have been downs and there have been so many times where I have just wanted to quit all together and find something else to do.

But for some reason I'm still enrolled.  I love interior design and sure this degree isn't the only way to enter the design industry but it's something and I want to complete what I set out to do.  Interior design, design in in general is a passion of mine and I always tell myself that a few difficult years at uni isn't going to stop me.  It may keep me up at night worrying, but it won't stop me.

I'm looking forward to being back in the building.  I've spent so much time there and even though I have mixed emotions of the place, it's truly an important building in my life.  The people inside are also people who are pretty important.  The tutors, who have pushed me to my limits and have helped me create designs I'd never think possible of myself.  The students, some who I am lucky enough to call friends for life.  The guests speakers, who have inspired me and given me that extra but of encouragement to not throw it all away.  The iMacs, who have tested my patience with the spinning wheel of death.  The $2 coffee machine, which I really want to take with me because it gives you better coffee than a barista.  Honestly it'll be nice to be back.

Nerves are the worst.  But you just have to embrace them!  

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

What I Bought In Melbourne

Although I'm not the type of person who goes shopping all the time, I do wish I had done more shopping while I was in Melbourne.  As much as I love Tasmania, it's pretty limited with stores compared to the mainland and I also don't shop online so you can probably see why I'm a tad regretful that I didn't shop more!

There are so many products that I've seen online, with bloggers and vloggers, talking about and it was so nice to see them in person for a change!  Only bad thing was the price tag and I'd just have to put the product back and walk away :( Hourglass products - I am looking at you!  They just looked so amazing in person as opposed to through a screen!

The products from MAC Cosmetics I have seen for ages online and I know I can't get any in Launceston and after walking away empty handed from one MAC store, the next time I was in one I too the plunge and made my first MAC purchase!  I really enjoyed my time in the store and nothing but praise to the lady that served me!  I could tell I was getting nervous (thank you anxiety) and essentially blurted out to her what was happening and she just nodded and was like "ok, just take a breath and we'll go through everything at your pace" she was just awesome!  After looking, swatching (and wanting to buy every lipstick) I ended up getting Little Buddha from the Cremesheen Lipstick range.

It's described as a bright, beachy kind of pink with shimmer and I would have to agree with that!  I loved how it looked on me in the store and also at back at home when I've worn it I just love it!  It's a bright colour for me to wear on the lip, I tend to go for nude/my lips but better type of lipstick but I think this is great for summer!

Going into Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central, again I wanted to buy everything.  I had however been looking for a hand cream for a while and when I saw the Soap & Glory Hand Food I grabbed it!  I personally really like my hands so a good hand and have heard great reviews on this product so I had no problems purchasing this!  It makes my hands feel and smell great and the best thing is that my hands don't feel slippery afterwards!

With ample time to spare at the airport before flying home, I saw Amuse Beauty Studio and was drawn in once again when I saw MAC products.  This is probably why I should stay in Launceston because I save money as opposed to spend it!  But I went in to have a look around and was once again greeted by some amazing staff members!  Along with an abundance of beauty products, they also had candles and candles are a huge weakness of mine!  I would have purchased one (or two or three) but weight restrictions were in the back of my head so I stuck to looking at the beauty and less weighted products!

I saw a section for Benefit Cosmetic's and straight away picked up something I've wanted to get for quite some time - Gimme Brow!  I've seen and read about this product so many times and I wasn't going to leave it so I grabbed the medium/deep one and kept looking around!  I also grabbed the POREfessional Face Primer, because again, I didn't want to leave without it!  Was around this time where one of the ladies working came up to me again asking if I wanted any help and also told me that if I bought three products I'd get a complimentary bag and I was like YUP!  We talked for a bit about some of the products and I picked up the Roller Lash Curling Mascara.

It was a toss up between this one and the They're Real! Lengthening Mascara, but I ended up being given a sample of the They're Real, which also came with a sample of the They're Read! Push Up Liner as well which was lucky!  Along with the They're Real! extras, I was also given two more samples, the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and an It's Potent! Eye Cream.  When I was paying for everything, I spoke with two of the ladies about the Ed Sheeran concert and same with my MAC shopping experience, I really loved going to Amuse Beauty Studio!

Moving along from beauty related products, I really wanted to buy something from the zoo and aquarium to remember my time there.  I was so tempted to buy a hoodie from the aquarium but chose a little (and light) paper weight and what sold it for me was the little penguins in it!  I spent so much time just watching the penguins in the aquarium so I was bound to leave with something penguin related!

At the zoo I fell even more in love with meerkats and when we went into the gift store, I went searching for a meerkat soft toy!  Yes I am 22 years old and I bought a soft toy.  I also named the meerkat Mike after Passenger and I have no regrets!  I feel like Mike is a judgmental meerkat as well...  What do you think?

At the Ed Sheeran concert I knew I was going to buy a thing or two!  From Facebook I had seen some of the tee shirts available and said to mum while I was still at home that I'd be buying one of them!  I also picked up a wrist band which I wore for the remainder of the little holiday!  There were also wrist bands which were black with green writing but I felt like sticking out!  I do wish I had bought a vinyl but the bag I had brought along with me, there was no way it was going to fit and I wasn't prepared for it to be damaged on the way back to the apartment after the concert!

I have tried a few of these products out so what I actually think of them will most likely appear in a separate post, just so I can write more on them and not make this post into an essay!

Hope you enjoyed this!  Have you got any of these products?  Probably do haha but would love to know!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Melbourne Holiday: Christian Cole Furniture & Flying Home

If weather could represent emotions, it was pretty accurate.  I woke up to a thunder storm and as much as I'm not a fan of storms it was a nice change to the hot weather.  I was also upset that it was flying home today but on the other hand I was ready to be back home and with my fam!

My suitcase had been packed the night before and all that I really needed to do was get up and get dressed!  Even though I was going home today *sad face*, I was also going to be visiting the workshop and showroom of my all time favourite furniture firm *extremely happy face*!  I first heard about Christian Cole Furniture in my second year of uni after seeing their furniture on a design show and I ended up using a lot of their furniture in my studio projects.  Essentially every time I have a studio assessment, you are going to see something from Christian Cole Furniture.

I love their furniture and really their ethos; started by nature, finished by hand.  The timber they use in their pieces are sourced from sustainable plantations and they just look stunning!  I've spent hours on their website just wishing I could purchase it all!  Their furniture has been used quite a few times on a show I love called The Block, and after seeing the contestants go into the workshop and do a challenge, I tweeted something along the lines of that I'd do anything to visit the place, and then later tweeted that I'd do anything within reason, much to the annoyance of The Block's twitter account hahaha but a couple of minutes after I tweeted that I got a tweet from Christian Cole Furniture asking me to ring them.  I kind of freaked out, in a sensible way.  Not screaming or anything like that, it was just the whole "oh my goodness, what if I actually get to visit their workshop?" kind of freak out.

So I ended up ringing them up and explained the weird situation as to why I was ringing up and was told that I could pop in any time!  I was literally the happiest person after that phone call!  The lady I spoke to also said to ring up closer to when I was actually in Melbourne, as it was going to be nearing Christmas, which I completely understood.  So after breakfast at The Pancake Parlour, I rang up and again explained what had happened and we organised a time when I'd come over!  I also then texted my parents and brother telling them because I was that excited!

And I know that this Melbourne trip was based around the Ed Sheeran concert but seriously, how many times are you going to be able to visit your favourite furniture place??!

So after breakfast we took a taxi out to the workshop and when we pulled up my nerves started to kick in.  I was getting extremely anxious and I was possibly about to meet someone whose work I absolutely adore.  After a quick phone call telling us where to go (again because nerves) I met Christian Cole.  From seeing him on the telly and then to actually meet him in person I was extremely grateful.  We had a little chat and then he showed us to the showroom.  I'm not lying when I say, if I could have I would have bought a lot of what I saw.  I'm biased because I adore timber furniture but everything was stunning!  I was just in awe.

Once we'd had a look around the showroom, we went back out so say thank you to Christian.  He had been working on another little project and invited us to have a look.   Again I was in awe.  I loved that Christian took the time out to talk to us, he didn't have too but he did.  I felt extremely grateful to be able to talk with a furniture idol (yes I'm saying idol) because seriously this isn't something that happens on a daily basis!

Calling a taxi to take us back to the city, I again texted my parents and brother.  I think it was mum who asked whether I bought anything, and I don't think she would have minded too much if I had said I was coming back home with some new furniture!

When we got back to Melbourne, we were lucky enough to see one of our friends from uni.  We spoke for probably a few minutes but I hadn't seen Ainslie since we were pinning our work up for assessment so it was nice to see her!  We were also getting hotel transport for the SkyBus so needed to be back at the apartments by a certain time or we'd be cutting it fine to get out flight back!  We went through the market again for the last time and grabbed some donuts from the American Donut Kitchen.  Now everyone raves about Krispy Kreme Donuts, personally I'm not the biggest fan of them but these donuts from the American Donut Kitchen are my favourite!  Every time I'm in Melbourne I will always grab a few because they are just delicious!

We waited at the back of our apartments for the hotel transfer and after what left like a long journey we were back at the airport!  I could have fallen asleep on the way there, I was getting pretty tired.  We didn't really have a big breakfast and it was also after lunch so we grabbed some food after we checked in and had been through security.  We actually got to the airport with quite a lot of time to spare, and ended up waiting a while to check in.  We sat in an interesting little spot but it was a good place for people watching!  A lady who had been waiting longer than us was just pacing and pacing.  I can't remember how many loops she did from her suitcase to some bins but she kept it up basically the entire time we were sitting there!

I was dressing purely for comfort that day and was wearing some exercise tights, my Adidas trainers and an Ed Sheeran top I bought at the concert.  I got pulled away by security for a check and the man who looked through my bag asked me how the concert went and I was thinking how did he know I went to a concert and then I remembered my top had Ed Sheeran on it and it was a great face palm moment!  We spoke for a bit about the concert and music and I was then free to go!  I also did some damage at Amuse Beauty Studio and I regret nothing.  Post about that coming up soon!

I was lucky and scored window seat on both flights but swapped to sit in the middle so everyone got a chance to have a flight with the view.  But that didn't stop me taking photos!  I really didn't enjoy this flight to be honest.  Although the sky looked amazing, we had turbulence and I'm not the biggest fan of turbulence and to try and calm my nerves I played Made In The AM and just concentrated on that!  Flying back into Launceston was so nice!  I was looking forward to being back in my own bed, home comforts and seeing my family!  It was nice away on a little holiday but I very much a family person so I was very excited when I saw my dad at the airport!

And really, that's my Melbourne holiday!  Dad drove us home and I was surprised by the sight of a Christmas tree in the window and then my brother!  I will be having a post up soon on what I bought, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  I also really want to travel more now!  I'd love to visit Adelaide so that's the next place I'd like to go and I hope I can pop over there within the year!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January Instagram Diary & Roundup

What.  A.  Month!  I can't believe January is over already!  January has been, aside from a couple of bumps in the road, been a pretty good month for me!  I've decided that along with my monthly Instagram Diary I'd include a roundup of sorts for the month as well.  Roundup of the posts I've done here as well as other bits of my life I might not have published a post about!

Although I feel like they holidays have dragged, I can't believe the first month of 2016 has been and gone.  With February here, means I only have a few weeks of holidays left and I'm not sure how I feel about that!  It's my last year at uni and I'm terrified!

I've had a pretty eventful month!  I spent a week at a music summer school where I was a tutor which I absolutely loved!  Music is one of my great passions and as cheesy as it sounds, passing on knowledge to the next generation of musicians is one of the best things.  I worked with players who had barely been playing for a year and I honestly miss not seeing them everyday!  I tutored people from a bunch of different age groups.  I've worked with people who are old enough to be my parents and older, I've worked with people my age and I've also worked with school kids who are in late primary school and high school but I've never worked with kids who are just starting their music journey!
I remember when I first started playing clarinet, I adored my clarinet teacher.  She was such an amazing lady and I remember I'd go home and show everyone what I'd been taught and then I couldn't wait to go to my next lesson.  It was such an unforgettable moment when one of the parents came up to me and said that their daughter was talking about me at the dinner table, with how she wanted to practice her part, work on what we'd gone through during the day and then show me next day.  I just honestly couldn't believe it because I know I'd done the exact same thing when I first started playing clarinet!
A day was also spent up at the lakes with some of my favourite people.  My dad would always take my brother and I up to the lakes when we were younger and it's still something we enjoy!  I also love going up there now because there is no reception and that means no wifi!  So you can just enjoy the moment and not get distracted by social media!   If you take way the flies and also getting sunburnt behind the knees (like how does that happen!?!?!) I had such a nice day!  Took some awesome photos as well which I'll probably share in another blog post!
January also showed that Tasmania can have multiple seasons in one day.  And also that just because it's summer doesn't mean that we're going to get the classic summer weather.  A lot of the state has been battered with fires which is one of the worst things about summer.  There has been so much devastation and it's terrifying when there are fires close to where you live and also where people you love live - just calm your farm fires!  And then from one extreme to another - thunderstorms, which then brought along flooding.  Our place has many unwanted outdoor water features!

I love Instagram.  Really I do haha it's one of the first apps I check of a morning and I'm constantly looking through peoples accounts and finding new people to follow!  So if you want, leave your Instagram name down below!  And also @emmadaisy___ if you're not already ;)

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What a month we've had on emmadaisy!  I've been pretty chuffed with the content I've published this month and I'm just loving looking back at my Melbourne adventures!  Going to be sad when the last post for it is published!

So many Melbourne posts!  I hope you've loved January on emmadaisy as much as I have!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x