Monday, 29 February 2016

February Instagram Diary & Roundup

It's the last day of summer and it's cold.  So very cold.  I'm glad I put a pair of cropped jeans on this morning because if I was wearing shorts I would have gone into town and bought something warmer!  I get I live in Tasmania and it's not the warmest place on the planet but come on!!  If it's this cold now I am expecting snow this year, again!  And snow that I actually get to experience myself, not seeing other people having fun in the snow while I'm sitting in class at uni missing out on it all :(

The weeks leading up to me starting uni again went through quite quickly.  I'm back for my second week and I am exhausted!  I only have to technically go into uni three times a week for my classes but last week I was in everyday apart from Tuesday and my weekend was super busy so I feel like I'm in need of a catch up for rest and relaxation!  I know the rest of the semester and the rest of the year is going to be the exact same and the intensity of it all will increase but I'd much rather that than being bored!

Going back to uni last year was interesting.  We'd been sent an email the Friday before class saying we'd be going on a site visit and I wore thongs (flip flops) into town and had a freak out that the site visit meant that we'd be visit a construction site.  So I searched around town for a pair of canvas shoes that would go with what I was wearing and finally found a pair only to find out that our site visit was to the Albert Hall - a building which is far from a construction site and so I didn't really need to buy a new pair of shoes!

My first assignment for my studio class is a group one and because the interior students are a minority here, we all had to stand up and go to the front of the lecture room, introduce ourselves and then write out names down on a sheet of paper where the architect students would then write their name under whoever they wanted to work with.  It honestly felt like being back at primary school where you'd be in a sports class and team captains had to pick who they wanted on their team and you'd be hoping you wouldn't be standing there last with no one wanting you on their team....  I was lucky where the other three remaining spots under my name were filled up quite quickly!  However, I had no clue who anyone was in my group so I had no idea who I was meant to meet up with later on.  My team, when we did all find each other and introduce ourselves, is amazing.  It can really suck when you get put into a group and you just know the team isn't going to work well together, but I can happily say our team is awesome!  We met up twice again to collaborate and discuss ideas for the assignment and so far it's going really well!

On Friday I had my other class and I nearly had a breakdown in the tutorial session.  Firstly, you can imagine the chaos with over 70 students trying to print out a heap of papers...  That was fun.  Then having to make up our own groups, so much fun.  And then the actual work we had to do in the tutorial session, I felt like crying!  I was pretty good at maths when I was at high school and college, I wasn't the best but I knew what I was doing.  And while others got a hold of everything quickly, it took me more time to fully understand everything, and with me not having to do maths since college I kind of forgot about this.  We had to calculate the Daylight Factor and had a formula to use, and all we needed to do was put the value in place of the letter in the equation.  Simple.  There were other parts where you needed to so extra equations to work out the value but do you think I could grasp what I needed to do?  Nope!  So I was getting frazzled and freaking out that I'd fail.  Best reaction ever.  The two girls in my group though were absolutely amazing!  And I owe them a coffee!

Funny thing was when I got home and went through the equations, I understood everything completely and was able to go through all the questions again with no problems!  I have some written questions to finish off and will then do a little bit of reading to understand what we'll be dealing with in the next class!

I still can't get my head around the fact that it is my last year at uni!  Like what am I meant to do next year?  Travel?  Work?  Go back to school?  Sleep?  Definitely going to catch up on sleep!  Growing up, you never really expect school to stop, and I was one of the people who enjoyed going to school so finishing this degree is going to be emotional and also weird!

I think I went a little quiet on Instagram this month, just a little.  I was that person who goes back to uni for one day and gets a cold.  Just what you want to start the semester off!  And priorities of posting on Instagram goes out the window when you're sick and the best thing for you to do is not see the amazing lives people are having and to just sleeeeeeep!!

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As much as I love publishing posts on here, with it being my final year at uni that has to come first.  I won't be neglecting my blog because I am the queen of procrastination!  A lot of my future posts will probably revolve around uni, me ranting about people or complaining of lack of sleep!  But there will definitely be non uni related content so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Until next time, keep smiling :)  Em xx

PS!! Come and say hello!!! :) x


  1. It can't be as cold as the UK ;) It's Winter here, and it's bloody freezing! Haha. Good luck with your last year at uni. Terrifying but so exciting! All the hard work and sleepless nights will be worth it. x x

    1. Oohhh haha yeah the UK is definitely so much colder than here hahhaha! And thank you!! All the struggles and mental breakdowns will be worth it when I finish!! Em xx


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